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Last updated: July 09, 2019

Military Bases Store More Than Just Weapons and Gear

mobile shelving racks in the military dining hall facilityMilitary service members and personnel live and work on the base, and need to have all the typical amenities on hand for support. Because of this, military bases store much more than just traditional weapons and tactical gear. One example, is the dining hall facility. Food and other equipment needs to be stored, but in many cases, limited space makes it challenging. One base took on this challenge and used mobile shelving racks to maximize their dining hall's food and equipment storage space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Challenges the Base Faced with Storage in the Dining Hall

The increase in the number of people served in the dining hall meant that the amount of food and supplies increased as well. The only thing that didn’t increase was the space to store everything. They needed a solution to optimize their space, but there were other requirements that had to be met as well.

The base needed a storage system that had some ability to close and lock because many times the dining area was open and unsupervised. They also needed the storage system to store both their food supplies, such as canned goods and seasonings, and CO2 containers. Finally because it would be located in the vicinity of food preparation and handling, it was necessary that the area in and around the storage system could be cleaned.

Specially Designed Mobile Shelving Racks Exceed Every Storage Challenge

With all these requirements in mind, mobile shelving racks were specially designed to meet every requirement the military dining facility had. Mobile systems remove multiple access aisles down to just one and condense the space required for storage. To accomplish this, shelving racks are placed on carriages that move on tracks to create an access aisle wherever it’s needed.

dining hall food and equipment dietary storage systemBecause of the mobile shelving racks, the dining hall was able to downsize their storage space requirements and keep all of the food and equipment they needed in the system. The ability to move the carriages allowed the dining facility to be able to mop and clean the area in and around the system, ensuring cleanliness was maintained.

Bin dividers were used on a portion of the shelving for storing CO2 containers. While the rest of the system utilized wire shelving. High Pressure Laminate face panels were used on the front half of the mobile shelving racks system. The single access system was located against a wall, therefore the face panels were only necessary on one side. The full height panels allowed the aisles to be labeled and closed.

A locking tambour door was placed on the right end of the system to provide added security for items not in use. And finally, gravity-fed flow racks were used on the left end of the mobile shelving racks system for canned goods.

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