Modular Interiors for Healthcare

modular interiors in ambulatory care centers

Hospitals and health systems are transitioning to leaner facilities like ambulatory care centers that can be dispersed throughout the community. Flexibility in design is essential in these facilities and coming up with solutions to add this flexibility a problem that many architects and designers face. And it’s where modular interiors like moveable workstations, casework lockers and architectural walls make the biggest difference. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

The Increased Need for Collaboration in Healthcare Settings

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Doctors are no longer isolated in private offices; they are out there working directly with nurses and staff. Common unassigned workstations that everyone uses (a trend from the corporate world known as “hoteling”) are becoming the norm. The face-to-face interaction helps the care team collaborate and build relationships, which leads to better patient care. An article from Healthcare Design Magazine asserts,

Because care is increasingly being delivered by multidisciplinary teams, spaces that facilitate teamwork are essential. The greatest benefit to the patient is collaboration within the care team, which makes it critical to create services and spaces that focus on building relationships. An important part of teamwork is for people to be collocated and cross paths during the day. The office space becomes an important facilitator.

Specific modular interiors including moveable workstations, casework lockers and architectural walls will facilitate this collaboration in an ambulatory care center.

Moveable Workstations for Sharing the Workplace

moveable workstations facilitate collaboration in ambulatory care centersFor example, instead of building-in desks or even cubicles (which are somewhat modular but require significant time and effort to move), moveable workstations can be used. The movable workstations are designed to set-up in minutes and have casters that allow them to be transported anywhere in the clinic.

Additionally, the workstations can be collapsed down just as easily as they’re set-up. What this means is that the space that was used one day for a visiting doctor to work out of can now be set-up as a gathering space for a health workshop to promote wellness.

Casework Lockers for Storing Personal Items

Recognizing that people will still need a place to store their personal items, casework lockers can be incorporated into the design. The lockers themselves can be designed to match any décor and store a variety of items from computers and phones to clothes and purses, but what truly makes differentiates them is the locks.

The biggest advantage to the locks is that many different people – even within the same day – are able to use the same locker. Locks can be specified as keypad or RFID transponder, and with either a code or proximity media (ex. bracelet or keycard) the lock will open.

Architectural Walls for Partitioning Spacesarchitectural walls divide and partition space in ambulatory care centers

Finally, architectural walls can be used to partition spaces: exam rooms, break rooms, surgery rooms, offices, etc. Architectural walls create spaces where you need them, which helps when you’re designing for a new facility in an existing space. And because they are modular, you have the flexibility to change that space any time the needs of the ambulatory care center change.

Also, architectural walls help to achieve the all-important speed-to-market objective by reducing construction time and improving quality control. And regarding sustainability, the walls eliminate most of the construction waste typically found with drywall because the units are built off-site.

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