Optimize Your Storage Space with Innovative Pallet Racks

forkliftable pallet rack beamsSouthwest Solutions Group® has been providing modern, space-saving storage solutions for the U.S. military since 1969. The adjustable pallet rack system is one of our most innovative offerings to maximize the pallet storage in your military depo. By minimizing wasted air space between beam storage levels, this innovative pallet rack system allows you to increase your total cubic storage capacity by as much as 30 percent compared to traditional pallet racks.

How Does This Adjustable Rack Increase Storage Capacity?

With standard pallet racks, pallets are set on fixed-height storage beams. When storing loads of different sizes on a traditional rack, you often end up with wasted space between the top of one box and the shelf above it. The fixed configuration of the standard pallet rack system limits your storage capacity because you inevitably end up wasting storage space with empty air.

In contrast, the adjustable pallet storage racks minimize this wasted space by allowing you to optimize your storage configuration on demand, when needed. These innovative pallet racks break beam levels up into pallet-sized shelves for flexibility. The beams have forklift entry slots that allow you to place the pallets into the racks or remove them as desired. The forkliftable beams can be moved up or down in 6-inch intervals to close gaps between beam levels and maximize your vertical pallet storage space. This forkliftable beam functionality allows for variable pallet configurations—that is, the pallets themselves move up or down to fit your crates and boxes instead of the other way around. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

What Are the Benefits of the Adjustable Pallet Rack System?

maximize pallet storageMaximize your pallet storage capacity without expanding your square footage by making use of these variable pallet configurations. Closing the gaps between shelves creates extra space for additional storage, allowing you to store more on a single pallet rack. By using every nook and cranny of your vertical storage space, you don’t have to allocate additional floor space in your facility for storage.

Many military depo warehouses find that their storage needs change with some frequency. The forkliftable beam levels provide flexibility to adjust your racking without having to add costly new storage space. Instead, you can reorganize or readjust the storage space you currently have to make room for new pallets. This makes your facility more efficient and eliminates the need to purchase additional pallet racks that use additional floor space. Click here to explore more of our military storage solutions.

How Forkliftable Beam Levels Improve Inventory Organization

The adjustable rack system for military deployment gives you improved control over your inventory, allowing you to better organize your crates and boxes. Rather than letting a fixed pallet rack configuration dictate your storage system, adjust the beam storage levels to meet your unique storage needs. With the improved inventory management the adjustable racks afford, you’ll be able to find stored items faster, which increases your ability to deploy quickly.

Why Variable Pallet Configurations Are Better Than Traditional Storage

innovative pallet storage racksStandard or fixed-height pallet racks often leave you stuck with wasted space and poor organization. Besides this, you might run into the exasperating problem of trying to store a box that’s too tall to fit on the shelf. While most standard pallet racks can potentially be adjusted to deal with this problem, the process is anything but easy. Reconfiguring a traditional pallet rack requires removing all the stock from the entire rack so that you can re-slot each fixed beam level, and then reloading everything afterward. A single alteration affects the entire storage unit. Save yourself the trouble with innovative pallet storage racks. Rather than spending time trying to figure out the best way to stack and arrange your storage, simply adjust the shelves to accommodate the items being stored, without disturbing the rest of your storage.

Additional Features of Forkliftable Beam Pallet Racks

  • These forkliftable beams are made of durable steel, so they won’t chip, crack, or otherwise wear down.
  • The pallets are removable by design and with add-on accessories can be converted to heavy-duty pull-out drawers.
  • Pallets come in solid-top or flow-thru designs along with fixed top-shelves to connect consecutive storage units.
  • Pallets can hold 1,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs and come in several sizes.
  • The innovative pallet storage racks come in stationary or mobile units.
  • These variable pallet configurations are a suitable solution for stacking oversized or odd-shaped objects such as furniture, lumber, tires, carpet rolls, and more.
  • The pallets can be moved up or down with the use of a standard forklift, so you don’t need any special equipment.

Contact Us for Adjustable Rack Systems for Military Deployment

In addition to our line of pallet racks, we offer a wide range of products on GSA Schedule. Southwest Solutions Group® offers an adjustable rack system for military deployment that enhances your vertical storage capacity while also enabling you to access your storage quickly. Our staff are devoted to helping our military clients and are here to answer any questions. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.