Keeping the Military Combat Ready with Space Saving Weapon Storage Systems

combat ready vertical lift stores military parts and weapons

Military personnel have more combat equipment and supplies than ever before with the explosion of technology. Our mission is to provide weapon storage strategies and solutions to help our military remain organized and combat ready. We recently completed projects designing and installing combat ready weapon storage systems for two military bases in Kansas and Texas that helped them gain efficiencies and save floor space.

Mobile Gun Racks Help Kansas Air Force Base Monitor Weapon Inventory

installing the mobile gun racks for military combat ready weapon storage

Previously, the Kansas Air Force Base kept all their combat weapons in enclosed cases stacked on top of each other. To perform required inventory counts, personnel had to retrieve and open each of the individual cases. This was an extremely time consuming method to manage their inventory because they had about 3,500 weapons stored within the cases.

Southwest Solutions Group’s Kansas City military storage expert, Aaron Reynolds, was able to create a weapon storage system with Mobile Gun Racks that improved inventory audits and saved space. The Mobile Gun Racks are equipped with technology that monitors who was in the system, when they accessed it, and how long they were there. Weapons are no longer closed off, so military personnel can complete their audits in much less time. An added benefit of the weapon storage system was the amount of floor space the Air Force Base was able to save. They were able to store all of their weapons in the Mobile Gun Racks in 50% less space than before.

automated vertical lift saves military weapon storage floor space

Vertical Lifts Save Texas Aerospace Company Thousands of Square Feet in their Warehouse

Another military combat ready weapon storage system was sold to a Texas Aerospace Company. They previously stored combat weapons and parts in static shelving below and above in a mezzanine. Southwest Solutions Group’s Austin military storage expert, Brandon Baird, provided three Vertical Lifts for parts and combat weapons storage that saved thousands of square feet in their warehouse. The 19,000 square feet of static shelving was reduced to three Vertical Lifts each measuring 27’ high x 9’ wide x 10’ deep. The vertical lifts required only 810 square feet, saving 18,190 square feet of floor space that was used for revenue generating production space.

Designing and Installing Military Combat Ready Weapon Storage Systems on a GSA Small Business Contract

Southwest Solutions Group® represents numerous Federal Supply GSA Schedule contracts including SDV contracts, SBA contracts, & Alaska Native 8(a) vehicles to provide military combat ready weapon storage systems to Air Force and Military Bases throughout the United States. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to find out more about our weapon storage systems that will keep you combat ready.