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high density military storage

mechanical assist high density mobile systems store accounting files for US Navy ExchangeA Navy Exchange Field Support Office and Air Force base were both having trouble finding the space to store their accounting files and various tools, respectively. Both facilities were using inefficient and space-eating storage methods before installing high density mobile systems for storing their tools and accounting files, which offered them flexibility, space savings, and increased efficiency.  Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

U.S. Navy Exchange

Until recently, the Navy Exchange Field Support Office was quickly running out of ideas for an efficient way to control the massive amount of paper it dealt with. Each month, the office received invoices from 15,000 to 17,000 different vendors. Their files were stored in old, unattractive filing cabinets that often could not even be closed. This made it hard for anyone to access and store files, in addition to leaving them unsecured. Because of the volume of paper that flowed into the office, it was frequently impossible or took hours for employees to find invoices, determine who had paid, or even gather the basic information they needed.

When the Navy Exchange had finally hit a breaking point, they decided to install high density mobile systems in their offices. The systems provided near immediate relief. Because of the high density system, records can be kept in the office for a year instead of only for four months. It’s no longer necessary to make frequent trips to an off-site storage facility, whose costs have also been eliminated. When a vendor requests information about an order, the Exchange staff can respond quickly with the necessary information.

mobile high density military storage stores tools for US Air Force

U.S. Air Force

A busy Air Force base now also enjoys greater efficiency and security for their tool control thanks to the installation of high density mobile systems. Three high density storage systems now work together to allow tool management to operate quickly and smoothly. A mechanical-assist system houses large bulk items like shovels and tool boxes, while a smaller manual system stores smaller bulk items. The third system consists of a shadow-board on mobile carriages and is used to display the tools available for issue and the code number for each.

Base personnel simply locate the tool they need on the display rack and request it by number. The supply clerk retrieves the item from the high density system where it’s located. In addition to the time saved in tool retrieval and increased storage capacity, the mobile systems can also be locked for extra security and they are convertible to a bar coding system for greater inventory control.

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