High Density Electric Racks Solve Air Force Parts and Supply Storage Problem

High Density Electric Racks Parts and Supply Storage Austin Waco Houston Beaumont San AntonioHigh Density Electric Racks solve a local Air Force’s parts and supply storage problem. An increase in parts demand, along with a warehouse storage addition on hold, rapidly reduced available storage floorspace for the Air Force base. In addition to needing more storage capacity, the Air Force wanted to create faster turnaround times for requested parts, greater security, and safer, easier access to stored parts and supplies. The High Density Electric Racks met all of their expectations. (view High Density Electric Rack pictures) Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Unique Features of the High Density Electric Racks for the Air Force Base

High Density Racks Space Saving Parts and Supply Storage Dallas Ft Worth Abilene Oklahoma City

The High Density Electric Racks were designed to meet the specific requirements the Air Force Base had for their aircraft parts and supply storage area. Here are some of the unique features of their High Density Electric Racks storage system:

  • Two electric high density systems were installed with six rack carriages each.
  • Each high density system provides 9,360 square feet of storage space in only 1,225 square feet of floorspace.
  • The new High Density Electric Racks were arranged to provide easier access and better security for stored parts.

Benefits of the High Density Electric Racks for Parts and Supply Storage

Here are just some of the benefits the Air Force base experienced with their High Density Electric Racks:

  • The new high density storage racks acheived a 65 percent reduction in floor space.
  • A second high density storage system to house additional parts was installed in the floorspace freed up by the first system.

Designing and Installing High Density Electric Racks for Air Force Parts and Supply Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals have been designing and installing High Density Electric Racks for Air Force Base parts and supply storage since 1969. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your storage and productivity problems and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions that will make your facility more efficient. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to schedule a free appointment today.