Adding Value to Maintenance Squadrons Military-Wide

bench stock military supply vending machinesSouthwest Solutions Group® Industrial Vending Solutions have been automating and modernizing military MXS/AMXS shops with hardware and software solutions for over a decade. We do this through the use of RoboCrib’s, ScaleMates, FX AutoLockers, and software that has custom Air Force reports / reordering documents. Our solutions can directly support and improve bench stock management, FOD control, staff-hour assets, accountability, and other mandates under AFI 21-101.

Highlighted Features

  • Co-Mingling Eliminated: Each item is separated individually into bins with parts cups that are accessed individually in less than 10 seconds, eliminating cross-contamination.
  • Min/Max Levels: Bench stock is managed at the 100% stock level and will not allow you to stock an item over the 200% level. Items are listed on a Restock Report when it reaches 50%, thereby eliminating human error and stock-outs. This automated system eliminates the need for the manual red/green flagging system.bench stock vending machines air force maintenance
  • Restocking: Barcode readers allow the supplier to scan the bench stock barcode for quick and accurate restocking.
  • Lot Control/Shelf Life Items: Items are managed automatically. When an item reaches its expiration date, the RoboCribs locks out the item. Items are dispensed by the earliest expiration dates first.
  • Search Options: Bench stock items can be searched/issued by NSN, Nomenclature, Multiple Part Numbers, or traditional bin locations.
  • Duplicate Bins Eliminated: The system only allows one unique item in its inventory, thus eliminating bin duplication.
  • ScaleMate: Selected items can be issued using the ScaleMate that will automatically deduct the issued items from the total stock level. This eliminates the need to count multiple item issues such as pin rivets individually. It also controls wastage and virtually eliminates the possibility of FODs.
  • 100% Physicals: Bench stock physicals are cut down from days to hours.

The Benefits 

  • Regain floor space: The RoboCrib’s TX750 and VX1000 have a footprint of less than 9 square feet, with capacities of approximately 1,000 unique items. The larger LX2000 has a footprint of roughly 25 square feet, with a total of up to 2,574 items.
  • Authorized access: Autocrib solutions have an integrated bar code reader. This barcode reader identifies the bar code on the back of the individual’s CAC but NOT the chip data; alternatively, the user can enter his/her man-number, along with a user-chosen personal PIN code.
  • Point of use: The system can be strategically positioned on the hangar floor, resulting in saved staff-hours from parts attendants and maintainers walking to a crib and waiting to get parts. Barksdale AFB PHASE shop, AGE shop, and MUNS have been using this concept since 2009 with exceptional inspections ratings. Our representatives work well with the DLA. We make sure our military clients can process their orders through DLA seamlessly without delay.  

Overview of the Software

military base bench stock vending machinesAutocrib Software is a SQL-based program designed to be a complete inventory management system. Our software allows the squadron to efficiently manage its bench stock, shop stock and operating stock inventory, track usage, and identify slow-moving and dead parts items. The database within the software is developed directly from the unit’s S04. A digital Shadow Board on the Item Issue Screen shows the image and provides item details, eliminating the need for outdated physical shadow boards. The software tracks each user’s bench stock issues to view the last 30 recent issues for a quicker search and issue. It also includes over 200 standard reports and several custom Air Force reports, all managed from the administrator’s workstation.

Providing options and quality service

  • RoboCrib: An industrial vending machine with a touch screen used to manage small fasteners and bench stock in warehousing and open hanger environments with little maintenance.
  • FX AutoLockers: Can be set up as stand-alone or as an accessory connected to the RoboCrib to issue larger bench stock items such as filters, hoses, incandescent light bulbs, tires, gaskets, and much more. They are modular and can be switched out, or additional lockers added as the inventory grows or changes.
  • ScaleMate: A RoboCrib scale accessory that provides the ability to dispense multiple quantities of an item with an automated count determination and deducted from the stock level. Self-calibrates before each transaction.
  • Warranty: AutoCrib provides a 5-Year DoD ONLY Warranty to military accounts. The warranty includes all parts, postage, and 24/7 tech support for five full years from shipment date.

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