Wall mounted weapon storage locker conserve floor space for improved productivity

wall mounted weapons storage lockerWeapons are intricate pieces of machinery. And they don’t come cheap. To ensure they have as long of a shelf life as possible, consider using a wall mounted weapon storage locker as a secure space for storing military firearms. In doing so, their integrity is well preserved. This is because they are kept off the floor and out of harms way. In addition, because the systems are attached to the wall, valuable floor space is conserved and can be used in a more productivity capacity. In addition to a wall mounted weapon storage locker, we also have armory deployment shipping containers for when weapons need to be transported from one place to another. Click here to watch video and learn more.

Secure space for storing military firearms efficiently 

secure space for storing military firearmsThis secure space for storing military firearms allows for weapons to be kept in an organized and efficient manner. It is perfect for firearms that pack a bigger punch when discharged such as assault rifles and high-powered shotguns. Guns are kept in this wall mounted weapon storage locker with the butt of the gun fitted into separate slot spaces, positioned so the artillery is standing upright and in a straight line. This helps prevent them from shifting out of place and accidentally malfunctioning. A single, thick bar attached to the wall on the inside of this secure space for storing military firearms stabilizes the top half of the weapons, allowing for them to lean against it for support. Its doors are also perforated. This allows for improved visibility and access when retrieval is needed. The job of accounting for and managing inventory is also easier. In addition, there is a shelf located above for storing ammunition and rags used for cleaning the guns. The top of the wall mounted weapon storage locker can also be used for additional storage. Units of similar design are also available for high density mobile systems, if desired. See more products to create secure space for storing military firearms. 

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