Book Stacks Made of Recycled Materials

sustainable library book stacks systemA public library was being rebuilt with the goal to become a space used for not only book storage but for meetings, adult learning, conferences, socializing, and computing tasks. As plans were developed, it was important to design a space that could easily be changed as the demographic changed from a younger to a more adult population. A sustainable library book stacks system made from recycled materials was designed, along with shelving with pull-out shelves for mixed media to accommodate their growing and changing needs.

Sustainable Book Stacks Earn LEED Gold Certification

All new libraries in the district needed to be built to a LEED Silver standard, meaning that the interior furnishings and finishes had to contribute to this sustainable design goal. Cantilever shelving was selected as their storage solution because it would allow them to both customize and standardize their product.

library book stacks with pull out shelving for mixed mediaStacks were created and oriented to allow for maximum daylighting throughout the space. The stacks were also designed to incorporate a translucent resin product made from recycled content that allows additional daylight to flow through space. Pull-out shelves for mixed media were specified to accommodate storage changes.

With shelving made of 90% recycled content, the library is projected to achieve LEED Gold Certification—even higher than their original goal. The shelving has also been standardized, which allows the library to move it from branch to branch without having to purchase new product.

Residents have been pleased with the new library, and while the sustainable building design was crucial to the district and its local ecosystem, the fast adoption of the new and improved learning space has provided an unmatched value to the community.

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