CSI 13 21 00 Modular Controlled Environment Rooms

Modular in-plant offices provide a flexible and reusable solution for CSI 13 21 00 controlled environment rooms, including clean, refrigerated, cold storage, and many other types of specialized environments. These modular rooms are a more affordable option than investing in new construction since they can taken down and relocated or reconfigured as your needs change, and their durable construction guarantees long-lasting use. Click here to view frequently-asked questions about in-plant buildings and controlled environment rooms.

Clean, Refrigerated, Cold Storage Rooms

The CSI 13 21 00 controlled environment rooms offer uses in numerous applications, including:

csi 13 21 00 controlled environment rooms

  • 13 21 13: clean rooms
  • 13 21 16: hyperbaric rooms
  • 13 21 23: insulated rooms
  • 13 21 26: cold storage rooms
  • 13 21 26.13 walk-in coolers and 13 21 26.16 walk-in freezers
  • 13 21 29: constant temperature rooms
  • 13 21 48: soundproof rooms

The in-plant buildings are also commonly used for warehouse offices, guard shacks, laser enclosures, equipment and machinery rooms, and more.

Controlled Environment Room Features & Benefits

The controlled environment rooms install quickly and with minimal dust and disruption to your operations. The non-progressive panels make the rooms easy to modify, removed, or replaced. Additionally, modular construction such as the controlled environment rooms also qualify for accelerated tax depreciation, saving you even more money. 

Other features and benefits of the CSI 13 21 00 controlled environment rooms include:

  • Available in steel or aluminum systems depending on your specific needs with many panel options configured to your specificationscsi 132100 clean refrigerated cold storage rooms
  • Configurations with 1, 2, 3, and 4 walls and optional roofs
  • Panel options include sound control, moisture resistance, environmental resistance, and more
  • Offices are also available in pre-configured options that can be forklifted into place for immediate use upon arrival
  • Seamless integration with existing HVAC equipment and fire suppression systems
  • Can be installed around, on top of, or within a mezzanine system
  • Compatibility with material handling equipment such as conveyors and lifts
  • Decking and ceilings with large loading capacity
  • Panels can be configured with doors or windows
  • Painted ceiling cap for solid mounting and extra durability
  • Wide varieties of finishes and colors available

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