11 51 16 book depositories for libraries

CSI specification 11 51 16 book depositories and high bay shelving for library archival storage offers an efficient way for libraries to store their offsite books and archival records. High bay shelving is quickly becoming a popular way to for libraries manage both inactive and active storage effectively, maximize operating efficiencies, and keep real estate costs manageable.Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract

library archival storage in less space

The high bay shelving vault shelves can be constructed as high as 35 feet with as many as 30 tiers of shelves—five times the height and capacity of traditional shelving. The book depositories can be stationary or roll on mobile carriages to reduce the number of inactive aisles that take up space and condense the archival storage area to a small and manageable footprint. Typically, the CSI 11 51 16 book depositories and mobile high bay shelving only need one or two moveable access aisles depending on your storage area’s activity levels, while static shelving requires six to ten or more aisles. And since the high bay shelving can be stacked so high, it utilizes your overhead vertical air space instead of taking up your floor area.CSI 11 51 16 book depositories & high bay shelving for library archival storage

Accessing the mobile high bay shelving is easy. With just the push of a button, the rows of shelves move automatically to create an access aisle where you need it. Several fail-safe features protect both the archives and people using the system. Other benefits of the high bay shelving for library archival storage includes:

  • Space efficiency: The high bay shelving can reduce your archival storage space by as much as 80%.
  • Affordable & Economical: The 11 51 16 book depositories will fit in your existing offsite storage building or warehouse, or will allow you to move to a smaller space.
  • Green-Friendly: Because of the space efficiency offered by the high bay shelving, energy and operating costs are also reduced.
  • Customization: With customizable capabilities and unmatched flexibility, the high bay shelving is able to meet the unique requirements of any specific storage or depository facility.
  • Safety: The electronic system stops the movement of the shelving when a person enters an open access aisle. Fire safety NFPA approved and integrates with fire suppression systems.

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