Is your parts department unorganized or tight on storage space? Are your employees spending too much time just trying to find the needed parts? Streamline automotive parts storage with valuable parts department shelving for increased efficiency and dramatic space savings.

Whether you’re storing bulky items, small parts, tires, or even files and records, we have a solution that can meet your storage needs. Read on to learn about the following automotive parts storage solutions we offer:

  • Parts department shelving
  • Specialty racks
  • Modular drawers
  • Automated storage
  • Mezzanine shelving
  • Tire storage
  • File storage

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Parts Department Shelving

automotive parts bins shelvingOur basic shelving offerings help you organize your automotive parts storage. Durable static shelving units can efficiently store parts of various sizes. We offer parts department shelving units in various dimensions and configurations, including open and closed shelving, sloped shelving, and plastic bin shelving for more effective small parts storage. You can check out all of our automotive storage solutions here.

Specialty Racks

parts department drawer shelvingIt can be challenging to efficiently store bulky or unusually-shaped parts like bumpers, fenders, mufflers, windshields, or batteries. However, you can simplify your storage with specialty racks for these parts. Our specialty rack offerings include sloped battery racks, windshield racks, tire racks, hanging tailpipe and muffler racks, bumper and fender racks, and sheet metal storage racks.

Modular storage drawers are an excellent solution for storing small parts more efficiently. You can customize the drawers with adjustable partitions to compactly store various parts. Modular drawers make better use of space than bin shelving, as they utilize the full depth and height of the drawers. Opening the drawers provides complete visibility of a wide range of parts, making it quicker and easier to locate items than bin shelving.

The drawers are available in a stand-alone cabinet, or you can integrate them into a shelving unit to store parts of various sizes in the same unit. These heavy-duty drawers are also lockable to keep stored parts secure. Read more about modular parts storage drawers here. Visit our online store to see our automotive storage products.

Automated Storage

Many automotive dealerships have revolutionized their parts storage with automated solutions like the vertical parts carousel. This enclosed storage system stores small parts bins in rotating carriers that automatically bring needed parts directly to the operator. With their efficient use of overhead space, vertical carousels can provide up to 80% floor space savings for your parts department. Read more about automated parts storage carousels here.

Mezzanine Shelving

automotive parts mezzanine shelvingA cost-effective way to increase your automotive parts storage space is to install a mezzanine. These elevated platforms provide additional floor space in previously unused overhead space. Mezzanines can integrate well with parts department shelving. One option is to install a mezzanine over a new or existing shelving system for additional space. You can also use a mezzanine as a catwalk between multi-level shelving units, allowing you to extend your shelving vertically. Read more about automotive mezzanines here.

Tire Storage

parts department shelving tire carouselTire carousels and storage racks make storing, locating, and accessing tires easy. Tire carousels are a popular motorized storage solution that store tires in rotating carousels and bring needed tires to an ergonomic level for safe unloading. Other efficient tire storage solutions include traditional and heavy-duty storage racks for car or commercial tires, space-saving high-density tire storage racks, and overhead tire lifts. Read more about tire carousels and storage racks here.

File Storage

In addition to automotive parts storage, we also offer several solutions to meet your file storage needs. These include efficient open file shelving, heavy-duty record box storage racks, high-density shelving systems, sliders, rotary file cabinets, and powered filing cabinets. These filing solutions will improve organization and significantly reduce your storage footprint compared to traditional file cabinets. Read more about automotive file shelving and record box storage here.

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