Vizient contracted supplier Nurse Server Wall Cabinets for Storing Medical SuppliesNurse Server Wall Cabinets for Restocking Medical Supplies Outside The Patient Room

nurse server cabinets for medical supplies vizient ce2900

Nurse Server Wall Cabinets slide in and out of the hospital patient room wall for replenishing medical supplies. These sliding wall cabinets limit unnecessary intrusions that aid the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAI). Using Nurse Server Wall Cabinets, allows for restocking of medical supplies and products from the corridor instead of from inside the patient room. The Nurse Server Cabinets can be used to store all types of medical supplies including sterile supplies, linens, syringes, pharmaceuticals and more. We provide Nurse Server Wall Cabinets to all types of healthcare facilities.

Nurse Server Wall Cabinets for Reducing HAIs and Improving Patient Care

nurse server cabinets storing restocking medical supplies

Because there is less direct contact with the patient, the cabinets help reduce the chance of spreading a hospital acquired infection (HAI). Studies show that on average most nurses spend 17% of their shift looking for and collecting medical supplies. The Nurse Server Wall Cabinets are designed to allow restocking of medical supplies by staff so nurses can spend more time providing care to patients and less time gathering medical supplies. (view images of Nurse Server Cabinets)

Nurse Server Wall Cabinet Specifications

The Nurse Server Wall Cabinets use adjustable shelves and bins to maximize the interior space of the cabinet. The sliding wall cabinets range from 24″ to 48″ high and are available in a host of sizes (see below).

Sliding carriage dimensions, footprints and cabinet compatibility are outlined in the following table:

nurse server cabinets dimensions, footprints, shelving, and compatibility table

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