Vizient contracted supplier Surgical PPE Wall Cabinets

Surgical PPE Wall Cabinets for Medical Supplies to Prevent Infectious Diseasesppe wall cabinets on Vizient contract for hospitals

Across the globe, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) have become major concern for healthcare providers. The battle to control and prevent the spread of infectious disease in hospitals and healthcare facilities is ongoing and never ending. Research has shown that the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like gowns, gloves, masks and caps is particularly essential in the containment of infectious diseases. Our Surgical PPE Wall Cabinets will help you organize your medical supplies at the point-of-use to help control the spread of germs and bacteria.

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Benefits of the Surgical PPE Wall Cabinets

Fast and easy access to gowns, gloves, masks, and caps is just one of the many benefits to using our Hospital PPE Wall Cabinets. Within the cabinets there is plenty of room to store even more medical products like disposable stethoscopes, antibacterial wipes, and sprays. Also, each individual storage component can be re-arranged and easily relocated, allowing you to position your materials exactly where you need them.

Unique Features of the Medical Supplies Dispenser PPE Wall Cabinets

No two healthcare facilities are exactly alike. While there may be some similarities, there can also be some major differences. That is why our medical supplies dispenser PPE Wall Cabinets can be custom designed to meet your needs. The overall size, shape, and finish of the medical supplies dispenser PPE Wall Cabinets can be personalized, along with the internal storage components.

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Here are just some of the features of the medical supplies dispenser PPE Wall Cabinets:

  • Thermofused “soft-closing-hinged” Doors
  • Thermofused “torsion-hinged” Staging Area
  • PVC/Slatwall & HDPE/Frame
  • Motion Detected LED Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Storage Components
  • Common Cleaner and Disinfectant Friendly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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