Vizient contracted supplier FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving

framewrx shelving for trauma unit sterile supplies vizient contract ce2900FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving

Healthcare storage can be exactly how you want it with FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving on Vizient Contract CE2900. The innovative design of the FrameWRX Shelving makes it easy to customize to suit your medical supply storage needs. The possibilities are endless, which means the FrameWRX Shelving will be just what you need now and into the future. (view images of FrameWRX Shelving)

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Features of the FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving

FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving will optimize the storage space you have and free up more space to generate revenue. Here are just some of the FrameWRX Shelving features that make this all possible:

framewrx hospital supply storage shelving on vizient contract

  • High Density Storage Option: Increase you medical supply room’s storage capacity with our two row deep storage solution. This storage solution greatly increases your storage density while also ensuring high accessibility.
  • Smooth-Stopping Device: This device eliminates the jolting and jarring of sudden stops when front rolling FrameWRX Shelving is moved side to side.
  • Hanging Plastic Bins: Standard hanging plastic bins in a wide variety of sizes and configurations can be mounted onto the shelving.
  • EZ Rail Technology: This technology helps give the FrameWRX Shelving its unmatched degree of flexibility and configurability to meet almost any storage need in your environment.
  • 2-Position Adjustable Shelves: The shelves are easy to adjust and can be mounted horizontally or tilted at a 17° slope for gravity feed and easier access.
  • End Panels and Canopy Tops: In addition to color-matched steel end panels and canopy tops, choose from an extensive range of colors, finishes and materials, including laminates and acrylics.
  • Accessories: Standard accessories can be connected to the rail which will enable you to hang a wide variety of items on the FrameWRX Shelving.

Contact Us for FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving

Southwest Solutions Group® provides FrameWRX Hospital Supply Storage Shelving to all types of healthcare facilities on Vizient contract CE2900. Contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak to a representative today.