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Last updated: April 06, 2015
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library tech upgrade

touchscreen technology control on high density shelving systemThe library of an accredited university installed a high density shelving system to hold approximately 15,000 books. The 22 carriage high density shelving system with LCD touchscreen controls minimized the book storage space in order to make room for new collaborative areas. What they didn't know, however, was that just the simple addition of the touchscreens on the high density shelving would vastly increase their productivity in addition to their space.

High Desnity Shelving innovative LCD technology

The new LCD touchscreen is intuitive, easy to use, and similar to how students use their smartphones and tablets, making the transition simple and easy. The new LCD touchscreen turned out to be a much improved option for the library.

touchscreen control panel

The screen of the LCD touchscreen control still features the same functions as the previous touchscreen, but they're now offered in a more intuitive manner. The screen now only shows one command at a time, unlike the previous system which tended to confuse users who were new to the high density shelving system. The new visual cues eliminated the need for students and other users to need help from busy staff. Because the new touchscreen control is based on technology they already use on a daily basis, it's very easy for users to figure out how to use it on their own. And on the off chance that someone does have a question, there are built-in tutorials in the touchscreen.

The LCD touchscreen control has also offered the library many unexpected benefits. With its audit access available via PIN code or card authorization, the number of aisles and material being accessed can be limited. The high density shelving can also be programmed, allowing them to change it whenever they need to.

While it might be odd to think that the addition of a 4.3" touchscreen would lead to increased productivity, that's exactly what it's done. The students and staff use the shelving system without hesitation or confusion, allowing them to spend more time on productive tasks.

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