Open wire shelving construction promotes higher visibility by allowing light to pass through the shelves, permits greater air circulation which helps reduce dust and contamination build up, and increases the effectiveness of fire suppres­sion systems. Wire shelving posts are numbered on vertical one inch incre­ments to help ensure fast and level assembly. Shelving can be adjusted up and down every inch for optimum cart configuration. Fast assembly without tools: Numerically calibrated grooved posts, tapered high temper­a­ture resistant plastic split sleeves and shelf collars combine to make shelving assem­bly a simple two-step exercise:


1) Snap the split sleeves onto the post at the location of your choice; 2) Slide the collars of the shelf over the split sleeves. A positive lock be­tween the shelf and the split sleeves is creat­ed without the use of any tools, becoming stronger as additional weight is add­ed to the wire shelving. Complete Pictures and image library at this link


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