Multi-Level Freestanding and Shelving Mezzanines

Multi-Level shelving and freestanding mezzanines are a great way to turn unused air space into productive floor space (View Mezzanine Image Gallery). Whether you need additional storage space, production space, or office space, a freestanding mezzanine is a great and economical solutions.



Freestanding Structural Mezzanines

Freestanding structural mezzanines are self supported mezzanines.  They are available with several types of floor surfaces and can be equipped with lights, sprinklers, handrails, stairways and other options.  Freestanding mezzanines are great for addition office space, bulk storage, or production space.

Shelving and Rack Mezzanines

Shelving and rack mezzanine systems are typically used to increase the storage capacity of your facility.  These systems are incorporated into the shelving or rack to provide maximum storage capacities.  Shelving and rack mezzanines are great way to increase the storage capacity of your facility.

Mezzanine design and storage planning Specialists

Contact us today and let one of our material handling specialists meet with you to understand your requirements and assist you in the design and planning process.  Our specialists can assist you with weight load requirements, code compliance, and OSHA safety regulations.