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Other than making sure you have robust data protection for your cloud storage to prevent cyber attacks, with such vital functions and equipment, maintaining an organized data center with proper physical security and storage, all while ensuring data center security standard compliance, should be a paramount concern. So, wondering how to secure a data center and the best practices to ensure information security?

There are two types of protection you have to use in your data centers, these are software and physical security. In this article, we will focus on the physical security measures you can use to protect your data center.

Types of Physical Security to Use

There are about four levels of physical security you will encounter when setting up measures for your data center. These are

  • Perimeter controls – This can include cameras, security guards, access controls, and even temperature control. It is basically the tools you will need to secure the premises and the environment of the data center.
  • Power or facility controls – This will include backup energy and electrical systems that power your data center as well as the temperature of the data center’s environment.
  • Computer room controls – This will be the level that controls the physical access to the data center. It can include biometric controls or RFID.
  • Cabinet controls – This is the level that protects the data center itself to avoid any data breach. These are housing and wire cage racks.

Wire Cages for An Organized Data Center

Most data centers utilize wire cages as one of their security measures and partitions to segregate servers as well as equipment. Partitions allow you to create cages of varying sizes and shapes with the flexibility to reconfigure or relocate them in the future. The wire construction also allows free air flow, which keeps equipment from overheating, reduces air conditioning costs, and allows integration with fire suppression systems.

Planning for Future Growth

Having an organized data center not only benefits you in the present, but allows your business to plan for scalability and growth into the future as your needs inevitably change. Wire partitions allow you to reconfigure or add to your layout at any point in time. If you need to add additional servers or equipment, an organized system keeps you from spending extra time trying to figure out where everything needs to go.

Streamlined Workflow

organized data centerAn organized data center goes a long way towards productivity gains, as this allows users to quickly find and access what they need. A logically organized, cleaned, and maintained area makes maintenance and inspections quick, easy, and thorough. Instead of wasting time finding which cable goes to which piece of equipment, you can spend more time on the things that matter—like the optimization of your data center as a whole.

Security & Peace of Mind

Wire partitions provide more than just organization. They also help keep your data center and your important equipment protected from any type of security threat. While cyber hacks are a huge concern for businesses, physical theft and tampering is still an issue as well. We can design the partitions with almost any type of lock, from basic key locks to digital card and biometric fingerprint readers. There’s no need to sacrifice organization for better security when you use wire partitions for your data center segregation.

We Can Help

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