Transitioning to a Paperless Office

medical-paper-messIf you’re considering joining the ranks of companies who have transitioned to a more cost-effective and eco-friendly paperless office, then there are a few things you will need to consider before moving forward. Maximizing your ROI by carefully considering the hard and soft costs of digital conversion along with planning which paper documents to convert and when to convert them could make or break a paperless transition. This article is designed to help you get started with the seemingly arduous task of digitizing your paper documents.

Costs Associated With Digitizing Paper Documents

Most of the common concerns associated with converting to a paperless office are questions surrounding how much it will cost a company to digitize their documents. If you’re going to buy your own software for document digitization, then you will have to consider the time and costs you will need to invest in for training employees to use this new technology. Furthermore, companies should not aim to digitize all of their paper documents at once. Carefully consider your objectives and evaluate which files to convert first based on those needs.

As paper documents move through their lifecycle, they accrue hard costs associated with retrieving, re-filing, transporting, storing, and eventually destroying the document. It would be most beneficial for companies who are converting to a paperless office to scan and convert documents early in their life cycle to reduce these hard costs. These costs should be considered for both active and inactive documents.

message-manager-systems-sorting-storing-emailSoft costs associated with digitizing paper documents are often overlooked, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses in the conversion process. Companies need to consider workflow efficiencies as well as the benefits of digitizing paper documents for labor mobility, disaster recovery, and company security.

Once you have an idea for which documents you want to scan, Southwest Solutions Group® gladly provides onsite and offsite document scanning services to ensure that all your scanned documents meet required regulations and quality controls without the hassle of buying new software or training employees.

Contact Us About Transitioning to a Paperless Office

If your company is looking for assistance with transitioning to a paperless office, we can help. SSG provides a free consultation service that includes scanning a box of your records so you can try out our document scanning services before you buy them. To learn more or to speak with an information management consultant, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.