Problems Associated with Manually Cleaning Surgical InstrumentsManually Cleaned Surgical Instruments Still Dirty

Surgical instruments are getting smaller and more complex, which is great for the surgeon and patient but it makes them harder to really clean. If the equipment can’t be cleaned, then it can’t be sterilized. Some of the challenges associated with the manual cleaning of surgical instruments include:

  • The design of the instrument
  • Insufficient cleaning instructions from the manufacturer
  • Acumen or motivation of the Central Sterile Processing department
  • Manual processes that cannot be accurately repeated
  • Matter setting in prior to cleaning
  • Special challenges with suction tubes and laparoscopic devices that have long lumens

Tempest Automated Washer Better Surgical Instrument CleaningSo what happens the next time these surgical instruments are used – even after sterilization – is that the organic matter is uncovered, exposing patients to surgical site infections (SSIs).

Unmatched Cleaning Results Using the Tempest Automated Washer

Our solution to these challenges is the Tempest automated washer. The Tempest washer surpasses the AAMI benchmarks for “clean” by over 400%, and tests conducted by Nelson Labs show that the Tempest produced a 6 log reduction, meaning bacteria levels were 1,000,000 lower following the washing.

How the Tempest Automated Washer Works to Clean Surgical InstrumentsTempest Automated Washer for Cleaning Surgical Instruments

The Tempest automated washer covers 2 manual processes and 2 automated processes to act as both a washer and a disinfector, offering consistent cleaning results that simply cannot be duplicated manually. The Tempest uses a combination of high-powered washing actions: ultrasonics, enzymatic soaks, agitation, exterior and interior sprays, and air injection bubble cavitation stream (watch a video to see the Tempest automated washer in action).

The Tempest Cleans All Kinds of Surgical Instruments

The Tempest automated washer can be used for cleaning all types of surgical instruments:

  • cannulated instruments
  • suction tubes
  • endoscopy devicesSurgical Instruments Cleaned in Washer
  • kerrisons
  • laparoscopic instruments
  • robotic arms

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