Challenges the Hospital Faced While Undergoing a Major Expansiondigitizing hospital medical records

A nationally recognized medical center in San Antonio, Texas, launched a major expansion entitled The Capital Improvement Program. As the largest construction project in the history of Bexar County, the program’s goal is to help the hospital meet the healthcare needs of the growing community and give patients better access to first-class care.

One of the biggest challenges in this expansion project was the relocation of physical medical records. Even though the hospital already migrated a large chunk of their documents to an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system and instituted a day-forward scanning process, there was still quite a sizeable backlog of existing medical records that needed a new home.

In an attempt to adhere to a tight schedule, it was critical the hospital made timely decisions regarding their medical records. In addition to these concerns, the hospital also needed to ensure that security and access control would meet all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements, as well as comply with internal best practices.

Strategies SSG Used for Scanning the Hospital’s Medical Records

To avoid the hassles of relocating their physical medical records, the hospital decided the most practical solution was to digitize their medical records in the most cost-effective way possible. After testing the document scanning services of Southwest Solutions Group (SSG), the hospital was confident that it was making the correct choice. According to a hospital executive, “The onsite demonstration, timeliness, and accuracy of the documents tested helped us make the decision.”

With over 40 years of experience in providing business organization systems, SSG was able to quickly provide a hybrid solution for the hospital. The service package, as well as the budget plan, was customizable, enabling the hospital to have full control over their monthly spending.

During the first phase of the document scanning process, SSG identified the hospital’s newest records using barcode technology. This allowed the hospital to pull and manifest records equally throughout the system. After identifying the records, SSG created an inventory and carefully prepared the documents for scanning.

SSG carried out the job at their off-site scanning facility and implemented rigorous quality control procedures throughout the entire process. Films and other unique documents were scanned at high quality levels, sometimes at levels higher than the original file.

After scanning, the digitized documents were sent directly to the hospital’s server using encrypted secure file transfers, allowing hospital staff the ability gain quick access to the records using their own EMR system. Finally, SSG stored the documents during a quality control time period (prior to shredding), enabling the hospital to conduct their own quality control validation.

Positive Results from the Document Scanning Project

SSG was able to scan almost seven million pages, while adjusting productivity levels based on the requirements and requests of the hospital staff. During the scanning process, hospital personnel were free to access these records and enjoy on-demand scanning services as well.

“After only 2 weeks, Southwest Solutions Group was scanning more papers than all hospital departments combined,” stated an executive. “Needless to say, the project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.”

The document digitization process was seamless and did not disrupt the hospital’s daily workflow. “The SSG team worked diligently during throughout the holidays. They were so quiet; we did not even know they were in the files at times. The productivity level and commitment to the project was outstanding,” noted one hospital staff member. In the end, the hospital was able to avoid the high cost of hiring new personnel and was able to save their most important asset—time.

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