RxStor Sliding Cabinets for Efficient Pharmacy Storage Design

RxStor Compact Pharmacy Slide Out CabinetsPharmacies and RX facilities are growing in capacity and complexity, which means their medical product storage needs are evolving. Storing various types of medicines and drugs requires pharmacies to be very effective at using their space wisely. RxStor compact slide out cabinets are a pharmacy storage system that replaces stationary shelving and transforms your pharmacy storage area into a highly efficient and organized entity by compacting stored products into the smallest area possible.

How RxStor Compact Pharmacy Slide Out CabinetsRxStor Compact Pharmacy Slide Out Cabinets Work

A traditional pharmacy storage area is composed of shelving units with access aisles in between. The RxStor compact cabinets eliminate the aisles needed in between each unit because the whole system is compacted together. The medicine and pharmaceuticals in the shelves are accessed by sliding out a cabinet, and the most active products can be stored on the cabinet fronts. So for example, you can store slow moving medicines or bulk medical products on the interior of the cabinets and then store the fastest moving drugs on the open shelves in the front of the system. By organizing and consolidating your stored medicines and drugs, you improve efficiency because the distance between the work area and stored items is decreased. The RxStor compact cabinets also open the pharmacy area up for better visibility and a better flow for people traffic.

Compact Pharmacy Pull Out Storage ShelvingBenefits of the RxStor Compact Sliding Cabinets

• Quick access to fast moving meds

• Shorter walk equals faster retrieval

• More meds stored closer to work areas

• More scripts filled in less time

• Reduced fatigue

• Slides allow for easy in and out movement

• Items are stored in the smallest possible area

• Floor space is reclaimed by eliminating aisles

• Multiple units can be access simultaneously

RxStor Sliding Pharmacy Cabinets are Easy to InstallEfficient Pharmacy Storage for medical supplies and drugs

The RxStor cabinets are designed to be easy for pharmacies to install. The carriages are shipped attached to the leveling frame with the trim pieces already installed. The aluminum slides are light enough that two people can easily pick up the leveling frame and slides and set them in place. Then level the frame and anchor it and your ready for the cabinet shelves. Finally, set the cabinet shelf units on top of the sliding carriages and anchor them at each corner.

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