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With the COVID-19 global health crisis in full swing, experts expect the demand on hospital beds to peak shortly. Fortunately, storage specialists stand ready to help you increase your bed count with temporary hospital beds. Along with allowing affordable and convenient reuse, units ship fast. So, institutions can have the essential capacity to accommodate the impending patient surge. With little time to spare before the anticipated spike, this article will discuss:

What does it cost to rent the temporary hospital beds?

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Institutions looking to increase their COVID-19 patient bed count with these temporary hospital beds have the cost-effective option to rent or buy. However, anyone choosing to rent should consider the parameters involved. For instance, availability and leasing costs depend on the size of your order. To qualify, healthcare facilities must request a minimum of 15 hospital bed rentals. Leasing periods have to run for at least three months with you committing to pay $200 per month. Rental rates do not include a separate $500 delivery fee. However, you may receive reimbursement from the federal government to increase the bed count, if renting rather than buying.

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How long does it take to ship and assemble this hospital bed rental?

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This hospital bed rental ships in two to five days, allowing you to quickly increase your bed count in accordance with the government mandate. Since the shipping process doesn’t take long, staff have sufficient time to assemble units ahead of the expected COVID-19 patient surge. Using a rubber mallet, installation should only take you eight to 10 minutes.

Along with a hospital-grade fiber leak and moisture-proof mattress, configurations have Velcro kits to help simplify attaching the mattress to the frame. The durable steel-made units also feature four seismic plates to facilitate floor anchoring, convenient storage space, and support capacity up to 700 lbs.

Incorporated decking will depend on availability, but the two options to choose from include:

  • Wire decking: typically is self-cleaning and provides maximum storage flexibility
  • Alternative melamine decking: often easy to clean and has superior chemical, scratch, and stain resistance

How can you reuse the hospital beds?

Through conversion, you have the flexibility to reuse the temporary hospital beds as storage once the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Simply add extra shelves and vertical uprights to your existing beams to change the affordable units into reusable shelving. Not only does this help increase the equipment’s lifespan but it also allows facilities to maximize their investment.

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