HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Rolling Tambour Security Doors

Medical office security doors HIPAA Rolling Tambour Security Doors abilene wichita tulsa topeka texarkana tyler san angelo pasadena baytown hot springs springdale springfield jackson independance bryanHospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and dental offices all have one thing in common; they need security. An easy way to convert your existing open medical file shelving to increase security and meet HIPAA regulations is to add tambour rolling shelving doors to your existing medical chart shelving. Also, these lockable shelving doors are aesthetically pleasing, which provides a professional look to your medical office.

Rolling Medical Shelving Security Door BenefitsDental office security doors locking doors secure nitrous oxide tanks

Rolling medical shelving doors have many benefits. Here are just a few:

Economical– Rolling shelving doors come in widths up to 12’ long which means you only need one rolling shelving door instead of four hinged doors.

Lockable-The tambour doors lock, which means you can rely on them to keep you compliant with HIIPA regulations.

Touch Pad Controls– The touch pad located at the side of your storage shelving can be programmed with a security code. You can set and change the security code so only authorized personnel have access to stored medical charts.

Versatility– These rolling doors are versatile. They can be added to a customer service window opening, wood shelving units, or even an office wall/door opening.

Secure Anything– Tambour rolling doors can be installed on practically anything from pharmacy shelving to nitrous oxide tanks in a dental office.

Pharmacy security doors locking Hospital security doors HIPAA compliant doors abilene texas tulsa oklahoma norman stillwater midwest kansas springfield springdale arkansas tennessee missouriHow do the Medical Tambour Shelving Doors Work?

The tambour shelving doors are easier to use than traditional hinged doors. The doors are designed to roll up into an overhead compartment, which minimizes the space required in front of your shelving to access the stored files or supplies. There are three different optional modes of operation for opening and closing the rolling doors. First, you can manually open and close the tambour shelving doors just like you would a garage door. Second, you can control the rolling shelving doors with a handheld remote control device. The third option is the touch pad mounted to the side of the shelving. All of these options are easy to use and will save you time because you will no longer have to open multiple doors and keep up with all those keys.

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