Modular Casework is Greenguard Certified and works great for LEED projects and you can specify the finish you require.   Let our team assist with design, delivery, and installation.


Easy leveling of Modular Casework base cabinets to work on any floor



Picture below shows you on Modular Casework you can remove the exterior panels for wire management.  This is great so you don’t have to bother the people working at the desk to modify wiring and cabling.

nurse-station-modular-moving-casework-millwork-dallas-austin-ft-worth-tx-oklahoma-kansas-city-houston nurse-station-modular-casework-remove-exterior-panels-wire-management-dallas-austin-ft-worth-houston-millwork

We an make your Modular Casework out of Steel, Stainless Steel, Solid Surfacing, Laminate, Wood, Epoxy Resin, etc.   The really cool thing is you can mix and match.   For example, you may want a stainless steel base cabinet with laminate door fronts and a solid surfacing top.   We can do it and and it is standard product for our team.   We design, deliver, and install across the USA.

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