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Bi-File & Tri-File Lateral Sliding Filing & Storage Systems

Space saving modular sliding storage and file shelving systems slide back and forth on tracks or rails to provide double depth storage (view Bi-File shelving image gallery).  Bi-file sliding shelving consists of two rows of shelving.  The front shelf sections slide back and forth on tracks allowing access to the back row of stationary shelving.  The result is a dramatic increase storage capacity.  Bi-file and tri-file shelving stores the greatest number of items in the smallest floor space, with dramatic improvements in organization, convenience and appearance.

Bi-file (Bifile) and Tr-file (Trifile) Sliding Filing and Storage Shelving Provide:

  • Over twice the filing storage capacity of conventional file cabinets
  • Accommodates four-post shelving and case type shelving plus a wide range of existing shelving
  • Quick, simple installation
  • Fast, convenient access to stored files and other stored materials
  • Safe, stable operation
  • Easy to expand, easy to move or relocate
  • Available in a wide selection of finishes