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Touch Pad Security

Touchpad Control Operation with Display and Audit Trail
Spacesaver’s Touchpad Control with Display and Audit Trail replaces one or more standard push button controls
on the Eclipse Powered System to allow increased functionality including status display, PIN-code security and a
clear record of access.

1. Helps protect sensitive materials from access by unauthorized persons.
2. Enhances workplace efficiency with its easy-to-read display.
3. Assists in maintaining personnel accountability by providing a clear
record (audit trail) of access with the use of its own easy-to-use PC
interface software.
4. PIN-code and audit trail memory retention
during a power interruption save bothersome
reprogramming as well as maintains
controlled access when power resumes.
5. Adapts easily to your facility’s changing
security and use requirements with its
versatility and multifunctional capability.



Carriage Locks

For overnight security or controlled access around the clock, Spacesaver’s carriage lock
restricts access to stored media by locking carriages in a compacted configuration. It can
be used to lock all of a system’s aisles closed, or to secure one or more selected aisles.
A retractable, polished chrome handle located on the carriage near the floor, is
rotated and depressed to engage the tumbler lock mechanism, and a special barrel style key
that is removable in the locked or unlocked position, is used to lock it. To unlock the
mechanism, the handle is released with the key and fully rotated to its extended position.



Waist High Lock

Spacesaver’s waist high lock with face panel mounted convenience and a key controlled dead
bolt type mechanism, provides security for materials stored on hand crank and
manual and modular mobile systems.