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Archival Record Storage Vault Shelving

The Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives (NEARA) recently built a new archival storage vault. NEARA, a branch of the Arkansas History Commission (State Archives), stores a variety of research resources related to northeast Arkansas, including traditional archival material such as letters, diaries, maps, photographs, newspapers, books, periodicals, broadsides, and approximately 500 cubic feet of Lawrence County government records.

Spacesaver High-Density Shelving Storage Saves Space

movable aisle aisles floating shelves shelving museum vault storageThe new climate controlled archives vault facility was designed around a Spacesaver ActivRac Compact High-Density space saving storage system by Southwest Solutions Group. The compact storage system is uniquely designed to save floor space and maximize the storage capacity of the vault by converting unused static aisle space into productive storage space. The compact storage system mounts traditional shelving and cabinets onto movable rolling carriages and places them on floor tracks. Shelving rows roll sideways creating a movable floating aisle. Converting static aisles into productive storage space maximizes the use of the vault’s storage floor space.

Helping Preserve Archives From Rodents And Pests

The Spacesaver archival shelving system was designed with all movable carriages (shelving rows) and no static shelving to help preserve archived materials. Since the entire compact shelving system is movable, destructive rodents/pests have nowhere to hide. Eliminating hiding places (like under shelving units) helps tremendously with NEARA’s infestation control policy.

Reducing Construction Costs By Maximizing Storage Spacerolling shelves double vault storage capacity high density shelving conserves space saving energy costs

The new vault with the compact high-density storage system is 1,523 square feet holding 4,320 archival boxes and 344 lineal feet of book storage. If traditional stationary shelving had been used, instead of compact high-density storage, the vault would have only housed 2,160 archival boxes. Without the Spacesaver high-density shelving the vault building would need to be 2,723 square feet (almost twice the size) to house the 4,320 archival boxes and 344 lineal feet of book storage. The compact shelving minimized construction costs while providing energy saving reductions to maintain the humidity and temperature within the storage vault.

About Spacesaver Compact Storage Shelving Operation

The push-button Spacesaver Compact Storage System with motorized movable carriages provides fail-safe operation. Infrared photoelectric safety beams scan both sides of rolling carriages to protect users and stored archive materials. If an object or person is detected, the power shuts down to prevent movement and ensure safety. Archival material’s exposure to dust is minimized by silicone seals located on the compact shelving to help provide an airtight storage environment. Entire system is U.L. Listed.

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“The Spacesaver storage system provides an easy to use solution to maximize storage in our facility. It provides secure,reliable, easily accessible shelving for our archival records.”

Lisa Perry, NEARA

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