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The concept is to have a level in the back that does not move and the level in the front slides to the left or the right to access the level behind.   You may have seen these in the past, but there is now a new twist.    The new twist is that you can use your existing filing cabinets that you already own and pick them up and put them on sliding bases.   This allows you to store a lot more filing cabinets in the same space.   These double deep filing cabinet systems can also come in triple deep solutions as well.    If you want to reuse your existing filing cabinets, then contact us for a plan toll free at 1-800-803-1083.


bi-file-slider-moving-filing-cabinets-using-existing-file-cabinet-dallas-ft-worth-houston-recycle-files-used-lateral-furniture-office Bi-file-lateral-filing-cabinets-with-drawers-locking-use-existing-file-cabinets-make-them-move-for-access-dallas-houston-kansas-oklahoma-city-ft-worth-texas

We put your existing filing cabinets on wheels and  tracks on the floor and they slide over to access the file cabinets in the back row.   This allows you to store a lot more cabinets in the same floor space, and allows you to reuse your existing filing cabinets that you already own.    Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 for additional information.