Data Center & Server Room Security

data center wire partitionsIf you’re considering updating the security for your data centers by building new, retrofitting, or modernizing an existing building design, data center partitions are the way to go.

If your company uses cloud computing servers or a data center that uses CPU hardware, wire partitions offer high-quality security. Because building a box over servers and systems isn’t enough, server cages provide complete enclosures offering the most extensive security features.

Companies can also opt for a modular design that assembles from one side and includes a head track that attaches to a ceiling grid. The physical security that these partitions offer means that companies can count on durable and structurally sound server cages.

Understanding Data Center Partitions

Data centers are entire buildings or designated spaces inside a building specifically to house computer servers and systems. Companies of all sizes use data centers to collect, distribute, process, and store significant data amounts. Because data centers act as a company’s brain, it needs protection. That’s where partitions come into play.

Companies are responsible for protecting information within their data centers. Because this information is often sensitive, it needs safety and security. Data center partitions are structures that envelop the data center’s servers and systems. That way, there’s no access to this machinery from unauthorized personnel or theft.

Datacenter partitions feature designs that are specifically for:

  • Allowing airflow passage without blocking fire control devices
  • Controlling access to only authorized personnel
  • Making it difficult for intruders to break into servers and systems
  • Securing sensitive data and equipment
  • Storing materials at broadband networks, collection facilities, data centers, phone providers, and more

Why Facilities Should Use Data Center Partitions

Partitions typically include wire partitions constructed from wire mesh panels. These structures configure around existing spaces, or companies can opt to create enclosures inside a designated room. Widespread use for these server cages is to store computer-related equipment and servers. In that case, you might also hear data center partitions referred to as data center cages.

Facilities benefit from using these secure storage systems because they house various machinery types, including computer equipment, data servers, robotics, tools, and more. Companies storing their valuable network and server equipment using wire partitions means they receive ventilation that’s optimal for preventing overheating risks.

Using wire partitions also helps companies create well-lit storage spaces. The wire construction on these server cages is durable and sustainable to prevent damage from occurring to any of the company’s secured equipment. Companies can also opt for subdividing their partitions by adding panels to create areas for categorizing or organizing their equipment.

Additional reasons why facilities should use data center partitions include the following:

  • Building cages that extend underneath the flooring to prevent intruders from removing flooring and tampering with equipment
  • Ensuring there’s proper ventilation to prevent overheating without sacrificing server security
  • Increasing security by customizing the wire mesh’s gaps to smaller specifications
  • Preventing tampering to machinery by creating small six-inch gaps between the partition and the machine

No matter if the company wants to store credit card processing information, financial records, government records, or medical records, these storage systems can help it achieve those goals. Having the best security plays an integral role in how effectively data centers operate. A company’s clients expect them to pursue every prevention avenue at their disposal to ensure data and information remain safe.

How Wire Partitions Increase Efficiency

server cage data center security partitionsBetween 2021 and 2026, companies can expect to see a 4.8% increase in data center construction growth. While the need for business functions to go digital continues to increase, so is the need for businesses to prioritize co-location facilities over internal data centers. That means businesses must prioritize creating an efficient and organized data center while simultaneously maintaining security and storage.

Segregating equipment and servers typically involves using wire partitions and server cages in most data centers. Partitions allow companies to create server cages of various sizes with the flexibility to relocate or reconfigure them in the future. That means companies can plan for growth and scalability as business needs continually evolve.

Using wire partitions means companies can add to or reconfigure their layout at any time. Keeping spaces efficient and organized means companies spend less time figuring out where everything needs to go if they need to add additional equipment or servers.

That efficiency extends further to enhancing productivity. That’s because users can easily find and access what they need. That also means that clean, maintained, and well-organized data centers result in easy, quick, and thorough inspections. Instead of users wasting time figuring out which cable goes to what server or system, companies can spend time on essential things like optimizing their data center as a whole.

Benefits and Features of Data Center Partitions

The wire construction of these secure storage systems allows for air to flow freely. That results in preventing equipment from overheating, integrating with fire suppression systems, and reducing air conditioning costs. They also keep a business’s data and equipment safe and secure.

Additional benefits include:

  • Physical security prevents tampering and theft
  • Various locking mechanisms, including biometric fingerprint readers, digital cards, and standard key locks
  • Work smarter instead of harder by organizing equipment in server cages

These ventilated storage systems feature curtain walls that control temperatures, hot and cold aisle designs to funnel airflow, and the ability to direct hot air through the ceiling. Their modular designs make them easy to install, which helps companies save on costs while creating the ultimate energy efficiency.

Additional features include:

  • Curtain walls: A low-cost solution for maintaining low temperatures within the server’s housing.
  • Hot and cold aisles: These configurations can accommodate the funnel of cool air into the server housing while simultaneously funneling air out.
  • Solid walls: Use solid walls to direct hot air so it escapes through the area’s ceiling without sacrificing the space’s cooled air.

How Server Cages Benefit Military Personnel

wire partition data center securityAs of July 2020, out of the 1,376 IT-related recommendations by the United States Accountability Office (U.S. GAO), the federal government implemented 64% of them. Since 2010, the government also implemented 79% of the GAO’s 3,409 security-related recommendations. Because federal data centers continue aging into expiration, that means they must upgrade into facilities featuring more capabilities, security, speed, and storage.

Data center upgrades, including increasing the number of higher-quality server cages, play an integral role in advanced energy metering, data center availability, server utilization, and virtualization. For example, increasing the physical memory and processing speeds at a military data center allows agencies to run more virtual machines. Additional data center partition solutions for the government, military, and private sectors include:

  • Customizable and flexible wire partitions feature modular designs as a military base’s needs continuously change.
  • Physical security means these systems are durable enough to handle any attack, including a sledgehammer hitting against it.
  • Wire partitions include mesh that allows for light and air to pass through, which increases energy efficiency.
  • The resistance to bolt cutters makes server cages and wire partitions extremely secure.

Technical Specifications and Design

As the digital age continues evolving and growing, so is the need for more secure and better material-handling solutions. It isn’t uncommon for companies that have data centers to use in-house engineering teams. Architects and designers provide innovative data center partition solutions to the athletic, educational, law enforcement, medical, and military industry, and more.

General Technical Specifications:

  • 2″ square steel support posts
  • 10-gauge wire ceiling and wall panels
  • Full-width push bars that provide an exit
  • Pass-through service window

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Data Security Solutions

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to need server and system space, be it a government or medical facility. Implementation of these systems means reducing and potentially eliminating security breaches. The technical specifications for each of these wire partitions vary by height, storage capacity, weight, and more. Here are two examples:

Model: One-Sided Wire Partition Fence:modular server room wire cage

  • Dimensions: 10’6″ Wide x 10’4″ Deep x 8’5-1/4″ High
  • Hinged doors: 3′ Wide x 7′ 3 1/4″ High, including 4″ x 1″ 10-gauge pin hinges
  • Panels: 2″ x 2″ square 10-gauge welded wire mesh
  • Posts: Project 2″ above the panel’s top; 3/8″ wide floor anchors included
  • Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weight: 588 pounds

Model: Data Center Cage Fencing:

  • Dimensions: 10’6″ Wide x 10’4″ Deep x 10’5-1/4″ High
  • Floor anchors: 3/8″ wedge-type floor anchors included
  • Hinged doors: 3′ Wide x 7′ 3 1/4″ High, including 4″ x 1″ 10-gauge pin hinges
  • Panels: 2″ x 2″ 10-gauge welded wire mesh square panels
  • Posts: Project 2″ above the panel’s top
  • Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weight: 662 pounds

With expert designers on staff, businesses can integrate these secure storage systems with existing building designs and floor plans. Implementing wire partitions and security cages into a company’s existing footprint involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation following a thorough site evaluation
  2. CAD drawings
  3. Plan presentation
  4. Project integration within the business’s existing footprint
  5. Installation of the partitions

Physical Security Solutions Using Data Center Partitions

Southwest Solutions Group® provides ground-breaking design and installation solutions for data center partitions. That includes ensuring businesses receive the highest quality safety and security for their servers and systems. Reach out to one of our designers today by calling us at 1-866-445-8332 or send us a message. They’ll walk you through which wire partitions are the best solution for your business.