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Why Choose Hamilton Sorter and Southwest Solutions Group? Offices located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Little Rock, Memphis, and Oklahoma City. We provide the complete line of Hamilton Sorter mail room furniture, mail carts, document handling solutions, and accessories. We have over 30 years experience designing mail centers and advising clients. Our solutions and mail room design staff has an average of 20+ years in the industry. Whether you need a complete mail room or a single shelf, we can help. Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) service is free of charge to clients that are looking to create a new mail center or adding furniture to an existing Hamilton layout. Call us to discuss any application you currently have or let us review your operation. If you are considering traditional millwork, see what makes Hamilton Casework a better alternative. Hamilton Sorter Mail Room consoles feature an aluminum frame and are designed to support sort modules, platforms and mailing machines. Framed in contoured anodized aluminum with high pressure laminate tops and available in widths of 24″ – 84″, heights of 30″, 36″, 42″ and clearances of 3″ or 9″. Variations include open frame, half shelf, full shelf and cabinet consoles. Shown here in open frame configuration with 3″ clearance. The above right hand image shows several types of consoles we can provide. The manifest and shipping station console offers enclosed storage, keyword platform and designed for the right height for using computer- based programs. The other consoles support several letter and legal size mail sorters in an L-shaped configuration. The bulk mail table is enclosed with rims to prevent mail from dropping. These consoles are 26″-28″ high for sit-down operations. Hamilton Sorter is very concerned with our environment. They are currently the only manufacturer of mail center furniture that offers “green credits” for it’s case goods and other mail room products. In addition to using 100% recycled material for boards and packaging, Hamilton has significant manufacturing and energy management procedures. Sort modules are designed to sit atop aluminum framed and all-laminate consoles. Available in widths from 13″- 84″ and heights from 18″- 48″. Variations include closed, open and Plexiglas back. Supports standard, legal and oversize shelves. 3 shelf sizes standard, legal and oversize. 10 index colors. Optional tubs & shelf dividers. Hamilton Sorter mail sorters are available in several sizes to accommodate letter, legal and oversize mail. Sorters can be customized to specific height requirements and ordered with open and/or Plexiglas backs. The shelves are virtually indestructible and are smooth to the touch. Most solid metal sorters have sharp edges or difficult to remove and reconfigure. If you have any questions regarding Hamilton Sorter mailroom furniture, carts or would like to discuss an application, feel free to contact us. We are here to help. Available on TXMAS Contract and GSA Contract.