unorganized messy file box storage archival storageOrganizing Inactive Records with File Box Storage Shelves

Have you ever gone to the file box storage area looking for an inactive file only to find stacks of record boxes falling over and file boxes stacked in the aisle ways? You have to literally climb over boxes and move boxes just to find what you need. How does the inactive record storage room get to be such a mess?

Typically what happens is employees come to pull an inactive record only to discover that the record they are looking for is on the bottom box with three other file boxes stacked on top of it. By the time they’ve managed to move all those heavy file storage boxes (weighing 35 to 70 pounds) off the box to get what they need, they leave the boxes unstacked in the aisle thinking they will return the file soon and not wanting to chance injuring their back re-stacking those heavy boxes. So they leave the box archive storage room in disarray with record boxes scattered in the aisle way. Well it turns out you need to hold on to that file a little longer than you thought; meanwhile, other people using the file box storage area agree with the tradition that’s been started. A great solution to organize the inactive storage box area is to invest in record box shelving.

record box storage shelving reduce back injury improve box storage area

Record Box Racks Keeps Your File Box Storage Area Organized

File box storage shelving and record archival box racks properly planned will keep your box storage room organized and your employees safe from back injuries. Also, file box storage shelving makes accessing stored records quick and easy, along with making efficient use of your floor space. Record box shelving and racks are designed to organize and optimize the number of record boxes that can fit on the shelves, maximizing the use of available space. Record box storage racks and archival box shelving can be easily modified to fit in tight or unusual shaped spaces, so don’t worry about the overhead pipes and chopped up room design. (click here to watch record box storage video)

archival file box racks box storage shelvingAdditional Benefits of Box Shelving and Archival Box Racks

• Protects Records from Being Damaged: Storing record boxes up off the floor will be protected from water damage and rodents.

• Eliminates Injury: Box shelving storage racks reduce back injuries caused by lifting, twisting, and turning to unstack and re-stack heavy file storage boxes.

• Improves Productivity: Employees will access stored files quicker and easier resulting in a better attitude towards the company and the record storage area.

• Promotes a Professional Image: An organized record storage area provides a neat, favorable image to employees, clients, and auditors.

Box Storage Shelves and Archival Box Racks are Sized to Meet Your Needsbox storage shelving solutions space saving box storage improve box storage area

There are many different standard sizes of record box storage shelving and archival box racks to maximize the productivity and floor space of your storage area. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 to have one of our record box storage specialists assess your box storage needs.