Sliding shelving, rotating shelving, moving shelving for files, record boxes, libraries.   We offer design, delivery, installation, relocation of existing equipment, and more.    Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 or at [email protected]  for additional information.   These systems save space.   They typically allow you to store more capacity in the same floor space (up to 4 times more capacity has been achieved), or they allow you to consolidate 3 rooms into 1 room.    Think of the savings if you could eliminate off site storage costs, and think of the additional productivity with an organized storage or file room area.    If you use your space better, then you could lease or build a smaller building.   Smaller constructions costs or a smaller lease could save you big dollars.



With sliding, rotating, and moving storage systems to store your material you can use a room better, or even go tall and use wasted air space.   Our solutions have reached heights of 98’ to maximize storage within the building.