On Line Store At  https://www.storemorestore.com/Filing-Products-s/179.htm



On Line Store At  https://www.storemorestore.com/Filing-Products-s/179.htm

Your Complete Source for Color Coded Labeling Systems and Filing Supplies

Records experts estimate that 90% of an organization’s information is printed on paper.  Properly organizing files so you can find them when you need them is essential to an organization.  Records manager’s studies show that 80% of the cost of filing is in people time.  Time spent searching for misplaced files, not filing equipment or filing supplies but people time.  Color coded labeling increases the accuracy of filing and makes files easy to find when you need them.  Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group has been helping businesses establish filing systems by organizing their file folders with color coded filing systems for more efficient operations.

Color Coded File Supplies and Color Code File Labels and Side Tab Folders

Southwest Solutions Group has all the color coded file labels, side tab folders, side tab pockets, indexes, and all the accessories you need for your color coded filing system.  We maintain a large inventory of color coded filing labels and side tab file folders for quick delivery.  Contact us today and let us help you with your side tab filing needs.

One Piece Color Coded Labeling Systems

Tired of making typing name labels and wrapping individual color coded labels?  Now there is a better way.  Automated file label printing systems produces color coded labels and folder name labels from your computer.  It is fast and easy.


On Line Store At  https://www.storemorestore.com/Filing-Products-s/179.htm