Pull Out Sliding Storage Shelving

We took a space efficient storage solution and put it into a kitchen pantry and cookbook storage environment. Check it out by reading below.

You’ve probably caught at least a glimpse of the “reality” competition television shows where chefs compete against each other in a series of unique culinary challenges. Contestants are judged by a panel of professionals, with one or more contenders eliminated in each episode. The chef who wins the final challenge of the season finale is declared the winner!

When watching an episode it’s intriguing to observe these chefs, with time, ingredient and theme constraints, quickly determine their menu, prepare it, and serve it complete. They seem so gifted. It’s as though they are spontaneously inventing recipes – as if the preparation of these tasty and eye catching dishes is truly intuitive.

In reality, although there is tremendous natural talent and drive within these chefs, without a doubt, a lot of studying, schooling and experimentation have enabled them to hone these talents into a razor-sharp instinct. In fact, like all good students of a particular practice, these chefs likely collect and study many, many different recipes and cooking techniques. So many in fact, that they have probably accumulated a significant cooking library of their own.

pull out cabinet kitchen cookbook storageTake for example, the request of one chef in building his new kitchen. Requests to his cabinetmaker included storing ALL of his many cookbooks in his home kitchen, near his work area, in a minimal amount of space, with a modern, hip design. This chef’s custom cabinetmaker enlisted the assistance of a Spacesaver storage specialist who helped select a standard Spacesaver high density storage product, and worked hand-in-hand with the cabinetmaker throughout the design process.

With a nearby Spacesaver showroom at the local area contractor, the cabinetmaker was able to see the mobile shelving product in person to gain a better understanding of its design and how he could cohesively and elegantly incorporate it into the kitchen’s plan. Installation is underway…

The resulting beautiful, contemporary kitchen is shown below. The “hidden” curvilinear cookbook library is at the far left edge of the kitchen, near the stairway. Behind each curved panel is a pull-out shelving unit for cookbook storage. This high density storage system maintains the clean, modern lines of the kitchen, and keeps the books close to the point of use, while simultaneously saving space and hiding the potential clutter, which may be created if shelves of books were lining the walls of the kitchen.

This chef’s cookbook library was designed with the help of Jeff Sandy, Systems Planner at Spacesaver. For additional information contact us at 1-800-803-1083.