Re-Think Your Walls

benefits of modular wallsRecyclable modular walls have become a popular alternative to drywall construction in the U.S. Now more than ever, businesses need flexible solutions to meet their changing needs. That includes the buildings they work in. With drywall, what you see is what you get. If you ever need to change the layout of your building, you’ll have to rip out the walls. After that, they’ll likely end up in a landfill, contributing to pollution. Additionally, new drywall construction is loud and can stall normal business operations for days or weeks.

For the environmentally conscious business who wants to save time, space, and money, consider modular walls instead. These walls install quickly and without any construction to your building. And if you need to change your building’s layout, the walls easily move with you. Simply unmount and reinstall them where you need them. Additional advantages and benefits include:

Easy to Install

recyclable modular wallsAfter panels are prefabricated in the factory, they are shipped ready to install in less than five weeks. Manufacturing, move in, and installation, is 30-50% faster than conventional construction. And the team installs them without mudding, sanding, cutting, or taping.

Flexible & Reusable

Any application from offices to industrial buildings use recyclable modular walls. If you need to reconfigure your space or relocate, the walls move with you so they can be reused instead of thrown out.

Quick ROI

Business often experience a return on investment in as little as three years after installing modular walls. If you plan on moving in five years or less, then moving the walls just once returns a full ROI.

Better Acoustics Enhances Productivity

Even in noisy industrial areas, the modular walls provide privacy and quiet so employees can focus more on their work.


Modular walls are built with sustainable design and can help contribute toward your LEED project certification. This is due to the walls’ reduced construction materials and waste to minimize your carbon footprint. Additionally, modular walls have nearly 100% recyclability. You can easily disassemble and responsibly dispose of them to prevent creating any waste.

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