Two helmets per player, one for the game and one for practice. And with 157 players on the team that equals 314 helmets to find a home for! Normally one might think this type of squad would take up a ton of storage space…true or false? The answer is false, with Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse Motorized or Manual Mobile Shelving System.

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See for yourself! Check out this video showcasing The Nebraska Cornhusker Football equipment room storage.

According to Husker equipment manager Jay Terry, “The equipment room is a high-tech storage area with movable parts.” Spacesaver’s automated mobile storage system stores Husker football equipment from Adidas cleats and jerseys to shoulder pads and helmets. With the help of Spacesaver, the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team has storage covered – from head to toe.

Whether your storing equipment for NFL, college, or high school football teams, Spacesaver has a storage system to fit you.

Want equipment room storage like the Nebraska Cornhuskers?

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