Got Efficiency?

Kardex Remstar-vertical carousel-industrial rack-warehouse storage rackWhether your business is growing or consolidating, strategically managing your overhead costs will make a difference in your bottom line profitability. The three main costs for most organizations are space, people, and inventory. Successful businesses look for ways to lower overhead costs by maximizing the use of floor space, enhancing productivity, and controlling inventory costs. If your business is looking to increase the efficiency, then the Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Carousel is the answer you’ve been looking for.

How Do Vertical Storage Carousels Save Floor Space?

industrial racks-warehouse racks-industrial warehouse storage racks-vertical storage racksKardex Remstar vertical storage carousels are enclosed storage systems that consist of vertically arranged trays, so they are able to convert unused overhead air space into productive storage space. Vertical Carousels (view image gallery) save up to 80% of floorspace compared to traditional storage methods. Their small footprints make them a perfect choice for point-of-use storage to free up floor space for value-added manufacturing and assembly operations.

How Do Vertical Storage Carousels Increase Productivity?

Vertical storage carousels improve productivity and system throughput by allowing operators to fill orders without walking through aisles searching for items. Using vertical storage carousels, stored items are brought to an ergonomic work counter, reducing pull and restocking times. Vertical carousels can increase workload efficiency by 40% or more, improving operator productivity and reducing personnel costs, which makes your business more efficient.

How Do Vertical Storage Carousels Control Inventory Costs?

The Remstar vertical storage carousel’s inventory management software is called FastPic. FastPic is an integrated inventory management system designed to increase productivity and inventory management. An advanced, but easy-to-use controller is ergonomically positioned to ensure fast, simple operation. FastPic vertical carousel inventory software will better manage your inventory costs and reduce overhead costs, improving the operating efficiency of your organization.

A New Generation of Vertical Carousel Storage Technology

vertical storage-warehouse storage-industrial racks-adjustable racksIn addition to delivering all stored goods to an ergonomic work counter, improving operator productivity, helping meet Lean Manufacturing Goals, linking storage areas from multiple floors, and offering security, the new Megamat RS offers the following benefits:

• Innovative Modular structure allows easily changeable unit height

• Interchangeable carrier concept allows different configurations without replacing entire carrier

• Lockable lightweight sliding doors

• Reduced life cycle costs with more efficient components requiring less maintenance and uses up to 40% less energy

• C3000 control system is a customizable work-center allowing the unit to run with or without a warehouse management system (wms)

• 50% reduction in weight and new transport rollers enable easy relocation of unit within facility

vertical lift-vertical carousel-warehouse storage-movable storage racks-ergonomic industrial racksvertical carousel-vertical storage racks-warehouse storage-movable industrial storage-industrial racks

With innovative design and technology improvements, the Megamat RS Vertical Carousel maintains the key objectives in vertical carousel technology – saving time, space and money!

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