Stainless steel casework serves as infection prevention workspace counter tops for storing and cleaning sports gear.Stainless Steel Counters Help Prevent the Spread of Staph Infections in Sport Facilities

The sports world has more in common with the medical community than you might think. Athletes and medical facilities both need equipment to prevent the spread of staph infections. Athletes with frequent injuries including cuts, turf burns, and blisters are susceptible to dangerous staph infections from numerous sources including work benches and tables where athletic equipment gear is worked on. One of the best ways to prevent staph infections from spreading to athletes from work benches is by using modular casework with stainless steel work surfaces.

Stainless Steel Modular Casework is Used in Medical Facilities to Prevent Staph Infectionsstainless steel tables sports illness prevention equipment locker room furniture training room work surfaces

Stainless steel modular casework and work surface counters are used by healthcare facilities because they help maintain the best hygiene standards possible. Stainless steel is used for cabinets, shelving, work surfaces, fixtures, and benches in laboratories, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, dentist’s offices, fire stations, and in many other industries that are at high risk for infections. Stainless steel cabinets and work surfaces are non-porous which means that germs, viruses, and bacteria cannot get into the furniture counter top work surfaces. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and keep clean and stands up very well to chemicals and constant use.

Stainless Steel Modular Casework for Athletic Equipment Rooms

Stainless steel casework stores and protects athletic equipement from bacteria and virusesStainless steel casework can be used in a variety of places in athletic facilities to help protect from staph infections. Here are just a few ideas of where stainless steel casework counter tops furniture can be used in your locker room:

• Equipment Work Benches

• Training Tables

• Taping Tables

• Rehab Tables

• Wound Care Tables

• Gear Issue Counters

PStainless steel tables work surfaces used for storage and maintenence of sports and athletic equipment to prevent staph incestions.rotecting your athletes and employees from dangerous staph infections when dealing with equipment, gear, and uniforms is better controlled with stainless steel counter top work surfaces in your athletic equipment and training rooms.

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