Cold warehouses experience some unique storage challenges. For one, operating a cold storage warehouse is incredibly expensive–but it’s not as if these warehouses can cut their energy consumption that easily, with products that need to be maintained at specific temperatures at all times. Another is labor operations, or warehouse workers themselves. Space and accessibility is always an issue in any warehouse, cold storage or not. What if there was a way to improve on all of these issues at the same time, with just one solution? Read about how mobile compact pallet racks can reduce your energy consumption and labor costs while saving you space—and money.

Issue #1: Energy

Since stored materials need to be kept at a constant temperature, energy and utilities are the greatest operational expenses for cold storage warehouses—rated as three times more intensive than standard warehousing. The cost of energy has increased in the last decade, and will only continue to do so in the years to come.

Issue #2: Labor

Labor costs rack in at the second largest concern for cold storage. 70% of a cold warehouse’s overall costs go to labor, and 20% of warehouse workers are actively disengaged from their work. This means that about $7.60 per hour is being thrown away every day due to active disengagement. Increasing your productivity by just 10% could mean $158,050 in labor savings per year!

Issue #3: Space

Space is a concern for any type of warehouse, but even more so for cold storage. Most freezer/cooler environments cost about $200 per square foot to construct, with additional operating costs. On top of that, an average warehouse picker walks 7-13 miles per shift when retrieving items.

Solution: Mobile Compact Pallet Racks

  1. Compact pallet racks are mounted on mobile carriages, which allow you to create up to 50% more storage space in the same footprint as static racking.
  2. The mobile carriages are designed to be used with new or existing pallet racks and/or heavy-duty static racks, saving you costs when you use your existing shelving.static shelves VS mobile compact pallet racks
  3. The carriages are designed to withstand temperatures as low as -4°F with stainless steel available for temperatures below -4°F.
  4. Since the pallet racks are densely packed, it lowers your energy costs by reducing air escape.
  5. Compacting inventory means that employees spend less time searching and more time on value-added activities.
  6. 100% accessibility and visibility eliminates long travel times and unnecessary movements.
  7. Create more space for activities such as kitting, repacking, labeling, or fulfillment services.
  8. Promote a clean, organized, and safe environment that adheres to lean 5S standards.

We Can Help You Get Organized & Save Space

Do you operate a cold storage warehouse? Southwest Solutions Group® can help. We provide design and installation services for mobile compact pallet racks, as well as a huge variety of other industrial storage systems. We can help you figure out what storage solution would work best for you and your specific application. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today for more information or to speak with a specialist.