Spacesaver High Security Pharmacy Storage CabinetsNot all pharmaceuticals and drugs are safe, which is why they require highly secure storage. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff are tasked with managing the security of controlled pharmaceuticals all day long. Running back and forth to backroom storage areas where controlled medications and drugs are kept can eat up a big chunk of their time and energy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a safe and secure way to keep drugs and medicines closer to the point of use? Now, pharmacies can protect narcotics, pharmaceuticals, medications, and drugs with secure Pharmacy Storage Cabinets with ControLOC™ Technology by Spacesaver®.

Guard Narcotics and Control Access to Medications with High Security Pharmacy Storage CabinetsKeypad controlled access to Spacesaver ControLoc High Security Pharmacy Storage Cabinets

Pharmacy Storage Cabinets with ControLOC Technology allow only authorized pharmacy staff access to highly controlled medications. Pharmacy Storage Cabinets are equipped with high security electro-mechanical locks that are accessed with a PIN, access card or both, which ensures that only authorized employees will have access to the stored medicines and drugs.

Improving the Efficiency of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Staff with Pharmacy Storage Cabinets

The Pharmacy Storage Cabinets with Spacesaver’s ControLOC™ security technology can be placed next to the patient pick-up counter and stocked daily with narcotics and meds from the pharmacy vault. Employees will no longer need to make endless trips to the safekeeping vault and back to the patient pick-up counter, which means they can provide faster and better service for their customers. The Pharmacy Storage Cabinets will improve efficiencies in the pharmacy for both the staff and the patients so that more time can be spent dispensing medication and providing thorough education to patients about how to use their prescriptions.

Pharmacy Storage Cabinets Controlled Substance AccessPlanning and Designing Equipment and Furniture for Efficient Pharmacies

If you are interested in more information on how Pharmacy Storage Cabinets can increase pharmaceutical controls and improve efficiency in your pharmacy, then give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or email us. One of our pharmacy planning and design experts will contact you to better understand how we can help you increase the efficiency and security of your pharmacy.