Pallet Racks on Tracks Will Save Floor Space and Double Your Warehouse Storage Capacity

Donald’s company just took on three new clients, but there was no room to store the files so they had to move people out of the office and into the warehouse and move products to an offsite auxiliary lease warehouse. This was not an ideal situation for Donald because he was one of the unlucky workers that had to move into the warehouse. However, with the help of Southwest Solutions Group® and Pallet Racks on Tracks, Donald was able to solve his company’s warehouse storage problem. Watch the video below to see how everything unfolded.

Want to Learn More Details About Donald’s Warehouse Storage Project?

Pallet Racks on Tracks for warehouse storage

You’re in luck because Donald has provided us with his step by step guide that explains how Pallet Racks on Tracks helped his company double their warehouse storage capacity and increase their office space. Just visit for more information!

Ready to be the Next Donald?

If you are ready to be a star at your office like Donald by solving your company’s warehouse storage dilemma with Pallet Racks on Tracks, then give us a call toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email. We can provide you with a complementary budget and savings analysis to see how much space your company can save with Pallet Racks on saving warehouse storage with Pallet Racks on Tracks

Pallet Racks on Tracks save warehouse storage space