Money? Nope! Hours? Nada. Pay? Sorry.

Chasing Down Hospital Supplies? BINGO!

This article is all about news you can use on the patient floor for proper storage of hospital supplies, medicine and equipment.

In the past few weeks the topics of efficiencies in the hospital have risen to new levels in the press. In fact, it seems that every hospital we venture into these days wants to discuss the following (check out this article from the New York Times to learn more hospital efficiencies

* Toyota & Lean

* Six Sigma

* Improving Efficiencies

* Eliminating Wasted Time

Many, if not most of these healthcare systems have been involved in some type of grant funded study, such as Transition Care at the Bedside by the Wood Foundation – or they have been part of independent third party studies like those done by Kaiser Permanentes “A 36-Hospital Time and Motion Study: How Do Medical-Surgical Nurses Spend Their Time?”

Either way, the findings are all very similar. They find that:

Nurses spend a tremendous amount of time and effort hunting & gathering.

This time could be spent more efficiently in patient care. Storage and placement of supplies plays a vital role in this.

And the quality of care increases with more nursing care.

FACTS: Nurses walk too much. Nurses hunt for hospital supplies too often.

Click on this link to learn what hospitals in Minnesota are doing to spend more time with patients.

The simple truth is that nursing as a whole is a very challenging profession and by placing hurdles in their path we are slowing the process of improving patient care – which elevates the cost of care. Time and motion studies have proven time and again that Point of Need Point of Care Storage Solutions for supplies, medical equipment, medicine and information are KEY for eliminating wasted time & energy by the clinical staff.

Important high level, long term area’s that can impact care include:

  • Physical Design and Architectural Layouts
  • Challenging & Changing System Processes
  • Staffing Levels & Nurse Ratio’s

Here is a short simple solution you can do today –


Click here to watch a Point of Need Video for better efficiencies of your space from Spacesaver.

Jason Freeman – Director of Healthcare Spacesaver


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