How Much Money is Your Business Spending on Work-Related Injuries?

The costs related to on-the-job injuries, productivity loss, and worker’s compensation have risen over $33 billion since 1992, reaching up to $250 billion in 2012. Just one glance at these statistics shows that worker safety needs to become a much bigger priority, especially in industries that deal with storing and handling heavy machinery.

Vertical Pallet Shuttles Automate Manual Storage & Retrieval ProcessesVertical Pallet Shuttles Video

Using vertical pallet shuttles to store and retrieve heavy machinery and other large loads – motors, valves, dies, etc – creates a safer work environment, which in turn, reduces on-the-job injuries and increases productivity. The vertical pallet shuttles handle heavy material automatically to minimize the amount of time employees spend manually transporting objects, which poses a risk both to themselves and to the product. In addition to improving worker and product safety, vertical pallet shuttles offer incredible space-savings by maximizing unused air space.

Why You Should Use Kardex Vertical Pallet Shuttles

Kardex Remstar provides shuttles, lifts, and pallet racks for storing heavy machinery and large products. For example, the Kardex Shuttle XP 1000 is a compact, automated vertical shuttle that provides increased efficiency while saving up to 80% of the floor space usually required with traditional storage shelving or racks.

The shuttle is even compatible with cranes, forklifts, and pallet trucks, allowing workers to move and store low to medium height heavy products in the pallet racks on the shuttle quickly and with ease. This eliminates much of the lifting, twisting, bending, and other repetitive motions that lead to injury or product damage. With automated vertical pallet shuttles, workers can spend more time on batch picking and processing and less time on heavy lifting and walking.

Where Can You Find Kardex Vertical Pallet Shuttles?

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, installation, and consultation services for businesses that are looking to reduce work-related injuries with vertical pallet shuttles. To learn more or to speak with an industrial material handling systems specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.