LEAN Warehouse Storage Solutions for Distribution Centers and Manufacturing Facilities

Kardex Remstar verticla lifts store parts vertically to help with LEAN warehouse storage initiativesTimes are changing and everyone is talking about the need to consolidate costs and doing more with less. Industrial warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants must evolve to maintain leadership over the competition. But how exactly can you make a significant impact on your storage facility that will produce meaningful results while still saving money? Southwest Solutions Group’s warehouse storage experts can help guide you along throughout the process of designing, planning, and implementing LEAN warehouse storage solutions that will help you accomplish the goal of doing more with less. In this three part series, we will let you know ways to improve your warehouse facility and provide you with equipment solutions that will help you make those improvements.

Factors to Consider When Creating LEAN Warehouse Storage SpacesKardex Vertical Lift Modules help warehouses with doing more with less

1. Adaptability for Current and Future Needs: When making changes to your warehouse storage area, it is helpful to have an understanding of where you want your business to be in the future. For long term value, your warehouse storage space needs to be adaptable enough to meet your needs now and into the future.

2. Functional Layout and Space Configuration: Your warehouse and manufacturing storage space needs to be optimized for all possible uses while your layout will need to maximize the use of available floor space.

3. Safety and Comfort for Employees: Providing a safer ergonomic working environment offers one of the best long-term solutions to managing operational costs such as worker’s compensation and lost worker productivity.

4. Sustainable Technologies and Practices: Manufacturers implementing sustainability initiatives now are better prepared to surpass the competition, meet and exceed regulatory requirements, and reap the rewards of being recognized as a premium brand by consumers. The success of a sustainable program depends on a smart investment in machines that increase worker safety, require less floor space, and deliver maximum return on investment.

Equipment Solutions for LEAN Warehouse Storage

Spacesaver pallet racks on tracks are an innovative way to create LEAN warehouse storageIn Parts 2 and 3 of this series, we will discuss how Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and Spacesaver® ActivRAC™ Pallet Racks on Tracks can help you meet these goals and create a LEAN warehouse storage area. Come back on 3/5/12 and 3/12/12 for more information on these equipment solutions. If you can’t wait and want more information now, feel free to call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or email us and we will put you in touch with one of our warehouse storage experts.

Designing and Planning LEAN Warehouse Storage Spaces for Distribution Centers and Manufacturing FacilitiesCompact Pallet Racks on Tracks create LEAN warehouse storage areas

Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in doing more with less for your warehouse, distribution, or manufacturing center storage space. We have been helping companies since 1969 solve their storage and productivity problems. We have thousands of successful installations and have the experience and knowledge to assist you in planning, designing, and installing LEAN warehouse storage systems based on your unique requirements.