Why Should Your Business Automate Storage & Retrieval?

easily optimize warehouse storage space with kardex remstar liftsYour warehouse floor space is expensive, and the value of it varies depending on the activity occurring in that space. When it’s used for stationary racks and storage rather than production lines or other revenue generating functions, you are losing out on profits. The stationary racks in your storage area mean workers are picking one order at a time, which slows down their picking speed because they are often walking several miles a day. They can also become fatigued and injured due to the constant walking, bending, climbing, and twisting they do while searching for items, which means they can’t do their jobs to the best of their abilities. This can lead to picking mistakes that can cost your company time and cause customers frustration. Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts will automate storage & retrieval to eliminate all of these problems so that your business can stop focusing on lost time and money and instead focus on growth and profits.

How Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Work to Minimize Costs and Grow Profitsto grow profits automate storage & retrieval

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Optimize Floor Space to Make Room for Value Added Activities

  • Save up to 85% of floor space
  • Floor to ceiling space utilization
  • Eliminate wasted aisle floor space
  • Maximize every square inch within the unit
  • Inventory management software designed to dynamically manage cube space within the unitincreasing inventory control and accuracy is easy with pick-to-light technology on the kardex remstar carousels

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Improve Picking Accuracy to Increase Customer Retention

  • 99.9% pick accuracy
  • Reduced picking mistakes
  • Fewer returned orders & restocking
  • Fewer re-picked items due to shipping mistakes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased repeat customersincrease ergonomics and workplace safety with kardex remstar carousels & lifts

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Reduce Labor Costs by Increasing Productivity

  • Reduce labor by 2/3 and keep pick levels the same
  • Deliver stored items to the operator & eliminate unproductive travel time
  • Optimized machine movement – all items are picked in one machine rotation or cycle
  • Pick lights indicate which item & quantity to pick, eliminating time spent searching for the right part

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Improve Ergonomics to Increase Workplace Safety

  • 100% safe and ergonomic accessfor batch picking horizontal automate storage & retrieval carousels
  • Goods to person delivery eliminates climbing, bending, reaching, pushing, and pulling associated with shelving and cabinets
  • OSHA friendly storage and retrieval solution
  • Easily integrate hoists, lifts, carts, and transport tables into the workstation
  • Multiple safety features protect both workers and stored items

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Reduce Bottlenecks and Increase Throughput with Batch Picking

  • Increase picking speeds by 800%
  • Fulfill multiple orders at one time
  • Reduce bottlenecks in shipping & manufacturing
  • One pick fills multiple orders
  • Extend order cutoff times to meet customer demand
  • Easily accommodate hot picks

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