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modular storage for storing parts in automotive dealerships

automotive dealership modular high-density storageModular storage systems are the best type of high-density solutions. Modular high-density storage allows you to select the exact components you need for storing small and bulky parts in your automotive dealership. This includes cabinets and shelving of various combinations of widths and heights. The interchangable parts allow for custom storage solutions that provide flexible options for future changes and growth of yuur automotive dealership.

One of the many benefits of modular storage is the wide variety of different shapes and sizes, including large wall units which combine shelving, drawers, and rolling trays for storage and access of heavy and bulky parts. The great part about modular high-density storage systems is that you can store all types of small, medium, and heavy or bulky parts together. They allow you to store by frequency of use, rather than being contrained by size. (read more about high density storage systems)

modular high-density Drawers for storing small & bulky parts

Good high-density drawers provide easy access to storage while making full use of every cubic inch. The drawers can store both small and large parts, as some drawers feature up to 440 lbs. of load capacity. Modular drawers should be full-extension to ensure ADA compliance and to allow every space to be easily accessed. Drawers with full-height sidewalls and backs are also available for height storage as well as width and depth storage.

Modular high-density storage drawers and shelving should also be sub-dividable into compartments to facilitate the most organized storage. This allows separation among different types of parts or even for individual parts. This allows identification of parts in compartments to be done easily, especially with barcode labeling and RFID tracking.high density storage storing small and bulky parts

maximizing automotive dealership storage space

Conventional shelving can waste as much as 80% of floor space. With modular high-density storage for storing parts in your automotive dealership, you can be sure you're maximizing every inch of your space efficiently. Modular storage allows clear visibility, easier inventory management, efficient parts locating, and complete, easy access to stored parts. This, in turn, will save your automotive dealership time and money that had previously been wasted on searching for parts. In addition, by taking back your floor space, you could avoid a costly expansion.

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