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Last updated: June 07, 2019

How an automated vertical carousel works

an automated vertical carouselAs of just a few years ago, it was reported that the volume of spare parts the military had amassed was upwards of more than four million. The total value of that inventory was much higher. With such a vast collection of heavy auxiliary, equipment, gear, supplies and weapons to keep track of, it's easy to see how the job of overseeing parts inventory could get away from personnel. Even with recommendations made to curtail the purchase of inventory, the question of what to do with parts already purchased still remained. One solution that has proven useful for industries across the board - including automotive, healthcare and public safety - is an automated vertical carousel. Its effectiveness is attributed to how it works. Stored items are sent to the system user using the most precise route possible with assistance from drawers and shelves that rotate in an upward or downward direction. Picked inventory ends up at a window that is ergonomically positioned for easy retrieval by the operator. In addition, up to three quarters of floor space normally taken up by static shelving and drawers becomes available for more productive uses. This is because the system requires the use of overhead space in order to run. In doing so, it saves space creating efficient military part storage for improved inventory management. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels.saves space creating efficient military part storage

Automated vertical carousel establishes controlled access with security features

The system also lends a hand in protecting inventory that has been largely invested in by the armed forces to ensure the safety of this country and its citizens. This is accomplished through the use of security measures such as product and personnel photocells, as well as lockable doors. Further steps to safeguard items stored there can be taken with assistance from password protection and transaction tracking software called FastPic. Rest assured, your investment will be well protected because controlled access will be established with use of any of these features.

Automated vertical carousel increases productivity

Because an automated vertical carousel brings the item or items chosen for picking to the operator, time previously used searching for, locating, and retrieving parts is freed up and available for more productive uses. In addition, integrated pick-to-light technologies boost the system's ability to precisely identify the location of a part, making the picking process more accurate. This means fewer errors to correct. And a lower percentage of mistakes made leaves room for increased productivity. Click here to view additional benefits of the automated vertical carousels.

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