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Storing Framed Artwork on sliding Pull-out Racks

storing framed hanging artwork dallas dfw tyler longview texarkana nacogdoches waco plano garland mckinneySliding pull-out art racks are cost-effective, space-saving solutions for storing framed hanging artwork in art galleries and museums. The pull-out art racks protect hanging artwork by keeping them off the floor, and require no ceiling support as the racks are mounted to the floor. Since the pull-out and retraction motions are linear, you can easily access individual panels without disturbing or moving adjacent panels. The screen on each of the sliding pull-out racks is made of braided wire mesh for extra configuration flexibility. The racks are sturdy and durable while also providing a smooch and quiet operation. Sliding pull-out art racks for storing framed hanging artwork are available to art galleries, museums, and other businesses in Dallas, DFW, Tyler, Longview, Texarkana, Nacogdoches, Waco, Plano, Garland, McKinney, and throughout the state of Texas.

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features of the sliding pull-out art racks

Storing framed hanging artwork is easy with sliding pull-out art racks. Some of the space-saving and cost-effective features of the racks include:sliding pull out art racks dallas dfw tyler longview texarkana nacogdoches waco plano garland mckinney

  • The art racks save floor space with access aisles that slide in and out on ADA compliant tracks
  • The art racks allow maximum accessibility by extending 100% from the storage area footprint
  • More loading capacity and comfortable handling with heavy-duty aluminum carriage construction
  • Steel tubular welded upper frames ensure strong and long-lasting use
  • Air pistons to create a soft stop with virtually vibration-free movements
  • Sealed roller bearings that slide along the stainless steel tracks assure a maintenance-free storage system for storing artwork
  • Customizable carriages to meet your exact storage requirements
  • Painted with environmentally sensitive powder coat finish to protect artwork and people from off-gassing
  • Leveling frame for easy leveling that secures the unit to the floor
  • Optional front panels for additional protection from dust and light
  • Minimal floor anchoring required

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides sliding pull-out art racks for protecting and storing framed and hanging artwork cost-effectively and in a smaller footprint than traditional storage methods. Sliding pull-out art racks are available to museums and art galleries in Dallas, DFW, Tyler, Longview, Texarkana, Nacogdoches, Waco, Plano, Garland, and McKinney. You can also shop and buy art racks online at StoreMoreStore. If you would like more information or want to speak with a specialist, call us at (972) 250-1970 or send us a message today.

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